UK Asbestos Removal Guide: Most frequently asked questions

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Asbestos is one of the greatest causes of work-related deaths in the UK.


So what is it?

Asbestos is a material that was often used in the construction of buildings, before its UK ban in 1999. Prior to this, asbestos was primarily used for insulation, flooring and roofing. It became clear that asbestos can cause serious damage to the lungs, causing diseases such as lung cancer and Mesothelioma. This is the reason for the UK wide ban in 1999, however, buildings constructed before the year 2000 may still have asbestos in them.


How much does asbestos removal cost?

It’s more expensive than you’d guess but it depends entirely on the site. Prices range everywhere from £800-£3,000+. To put things into perspective, the average breakdown in costs to remove asbestos from a  garage is £2,500. This takes into account:

  • Materials needed
  • Tradesmen required
  • Waste Removal


Cost of asbestos removal

When removing asbestos it’s essential to ensure that the fibres don’t get released into the air.

Don’t consider removing asbestos yourself; the DIY approach could lead you to inhale those health-damaging fibres. You need special protective gear and training when removing asbestos.

Makes sense that asbestos removal needs doing by a licensed contractor.  They may have to seal places off and use special abstraction devices to get at the asbestos.

The cost of removing asbestos can be expensive though some local councils do discount rates. You don’t know where a man in a van might dump it.


How much does asbestos testing cost?

Like with removal, it’s important to get this carried out by a licensed contractor. A company was fined £30,000 for the unsafe removal of asbestos at a primary school in Dursley, which led to asbestos fibres released into the nearby area. Dependant on the property, asbestos testing can cost in the range of £120 – £10,000  this takes into account the size, age and type of surveying the building needs. To put things into perspective, the survey and testing of a primary school would probably in the range of £875 – £2000 + VAT.


Identifying asbestos

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has a simple way of looking at it.


Was your building built in or after the year 2000?

It’s unlikely to have asbestos.

Was your building built in the year 2000 or you are unsure?

Presume the building contains asbestos unless you know for sure it doesn’t.


Asbestos gets mixed with other materials which means it’s tough to identify without professional testing. If you answered “b” you must bring in a UKAS accredited contractor; a professional service can find out if you have any asbestos in your building.


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