The summer sun is an invigorating addition to what we’re used to. Although, as you enjoy the turn in the weather so do common pests. Many bugs exist all the way through the year while others find the summertime as a hunting ground.


Coming out of hibernation to strike havoc among the populace.

Well, possibly not that dramatic; here are the ten pests to avoid this summer.


10. The box tree caterpillar


Named the top pest in 2017 by the Royal Horticulture Society, these caterpillars have a penchant towards devouring box shrub plants. While they aren’t a menace to your workforce, gardeners would do for being on a lookout for these bugs.


9. Gulls

Besides stealing chips and ruining monuments, this is only a small snapshot of the issues people face with regards to seagulls. As of last year, the number of children and pensioners suffering gull-related bites and scratches rose, with a small majority rallying for a gull cull.


Being outraged is simple. However, under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 all wild birds (including seagulls) are protected from harm. Surprisingly it’s not just gulls protected under this law.


8. Pigeons


Yes, even pigeons too. Not only do pigeons have a habit for defacing and damaging structures and cars with unsightly faeces; they are a disease carrier capable of carrying Salmonella and Histoplasmosis.


You aren’t allowed to take the law into your hands; a special license is required to minimise these vermin.

Have gulls or pigeons been causing a concern?

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7. Flying Ants

Flying ant day. Yes, there is a day dedicated to flying ants.


Ants are harmless but, they can present a nuisance. With open windows, they’re able to freely slip in and buzz around. If you see any, it’s recommended to spray them with some antibacterial soap. A few sprays will dehydrate them and lose the will to fly.


6. Cockroaches

In terms of the most hated pests around, cockroaches rank pretty highly. Not only are they believed to be capable of surviving nuclear bombs (a falsehood, fortunately) the stout insects produce allergens that can trigger asthma sufferers.


While they may be swift and agile insects, any form of infestation is easily handled with pest control technicians. Don’t let your business suffer from any harmful reputation damage when the answer is right in front of you. Get in touch for your free quote today.

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Or if you don’t want any bad cockroach-killing karma, you could always donate them to a budding collector.


5. Horse Flies

horse fly

The name might make you think this a horse-only client, woe and behold the horsefly is happy to snack on people. Horsefly bites develop into large, red, itchy, swollen bumps within minutes.

While they aren’t life-threatening, it’s a miserable experience. Best to keep away from areas near cattle, pools and woodlands, although pack some insect repellant if you choose to.


4. Blandford Flies

Blandford Fly pest

Thriving in warm weather, these bloodsuckers aim low to feast on unsuspecting ankles. Like with the horsefly, blandford fly bites aren’t life-threatening but, do present a massive discomfort. If you feel that this summer has been the better part spent battling insects, view our pest control supplies to win the war.


3. Rats

rodent pest control

Any and every season rats are a problem. Though, summer can bring them out in droves. Uncollected bins coupled with the smell of festering food is a rodents paradise. We’ve explained in our earlier blog post how the rat population has increased over these last few years.


In the case of an infestation, we will visit your business premise when the rats are active and scout out the source of the nest using infrared and thermal technology. Our method of rat prevention isn’t just seasonal, get a free quote today.


2. Wasps

Insect Pest Control

While killer rats are the subjects of horror films, killer wasps are an all-too-real prospect.  Wasp stings can inflict anaphylactic shocks in those suffering from anaphylaxis. There are an estimated 20 deaths per year in the UK alone.


Wasps and bees will not sting unless given provocation. It doesn’t need to be stated, but, trying to eradicate a hornets’ nest by yourself isn’t advised. Protect your staff and visitors with our insect control service. We will locate the source of the nest and eradicate it for good. Consider your temporary tenants permanently evicted.


1. Mosquito

mosquito pest control

Finally, the deadliest one of all. The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has advised that the warm weather presents a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes to flourish. The UK is already home to many mosquito species, though, these are relatively harmless.


No, the BPCA are worried that this current climate could introduce the Asian tiger mosquito to our shores. Responsible for the transmittance of chikungunya and dengue fever. This species would present a substantial threat to public health.


Currently, this all speculation but the annoyance of mosquitoes remains an ever-present issue. View our pest control supplies to zap, glue and furthermore, erase these pests from your everyday working life.

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