Urinal Cleaning Products

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urinal cleaning products

It’s a given notion that the public toilet is the dirtiest area of a washroom. Slathering copious amounts of toilet roll around the seat to protect from believed germs and bacteria.


Well, the surprise is, you’re more than likely going to catch an infection from the faecal matter particles hidden on the door handle than sitting down on the toilet seat.


In fact, mobile phones have a better chance of giving you an infection than the urinal.

While this doesn’t mean you should give up cleaning the loo altogether, it’s good practice to schedule a cleaning every day. Or, if you’re a pub or restaurant, various times throughout the day.


How to keep a clean urinal


Have you had to clean out a urinal filled with gum, paper and other refuse? Not only is it an unpleasant everyday occurrence, but this behaviour leads to urinals inevitably becoming blocked.

Times like this you need the right urinal cleaning products for the job.

Urinal screens fit over the drain opening and act as a net to catch this kind of debris. The screens Direct365 stock include an added scent additive keeping the urinal smelling fresh for longer. View them by clicking here.


When you do set out to clean the urinal, it’s best to have the following supplies at hand:


Otherwise, they don’t require too much maintenance, unlike the toilet…


What to use when cleaning the toilet.


So now you know how to clean a toilet, it’s time to get the proper lavatory supplies. For the general wellbeing of your staff and customers, the bare essentials are necessary.


These include:

Worst case scenario: Plunger


For professional cleaners, you’ll need to have the following:

Worst case scenario: Plunger


It can feel like a thankless task, but, there is nothing more satisfying than a pleasant washroom experience.  On the flip side of this, we’ve covered in the past negative tales from the dreaded toilet inspector.


Repeat custom can be made just from the appearance of a washroom. So, if not for your customers; your businesses peace of mind, take a browse of our cleaning and janitorial goods.