You can always rely on a business having a washroom vending machine for the occasional “oops, I need one of those” moments… right? You’d certainly hope that convenience was guaranteed, however not all workplaces are on the washroom vending machine bandwagon, which can cause great disappointment and dissatisfaction in customers, staff and visitors.

This article is for you if:

  • You don’t have a vending machine in your workplace
  • Your vending machine is old, broken or never stocked
  • Your vending machine products leave a lot to be desired

So, let’s look at options for vending products and help you to decide on the supplies that suit your business.

Women’s Sanitary Vending Machines

Tampons and sanitary towels are always a must in female washrooms. All business washrooms should offer a complete hygiene service and these items are a crucial part of that.

If you can’t afford to supply sanitary products for free, then a vending machine is the best option. Without such a vending machine, you won’t be able to claim that your washrooms are “adequately equipped”, because these products are far more necessity than luxury.

The sanitary products we supply for vending machines include well-known brands like Always, Tampax and lil-lets, guaranteeing high quality and peace of mind for female washroom-users.

Baby Changing Vending Machines

This is another necessity which we rank high on the list of must-haves. The last thing you want is a parent having a baby-changing crisis without the right provisions – that’s sure to be bad for business!

Again, it would be nice if you could supply back-up baby-changing items for free for your customers, but this is a kindness that not all businesses can budget for, so a nappy vending option is your next best choice.

Baby changing facilities often appear in disabled toilets or their own designated room – but remember, if you choose to put them in your female washrooms, you should be supplying them in your male washrooms too. Don’t let dads down!

Contraceptive Vending Machines

Don’t laugh this off as “not necessary” for your business. While perfect for pubs and nightclubs, contraceptive vending machines have a place in all sorts of washrooms.

There’s nothing sleezy about safe and sensible protection. Most people need it, so why not bring in some extra profit by conveniently supplying trusted contraceptives in your high footfall washroom? You’d be surprised by the benefits it can bring to your business.

Convenient Hygiene & Cosmetic Products

Why not go all out when it comes to hygiene convenience? Sometimes, people don’t realise they need something until they see it right before their eyes! If you can supply products that make people feel better, cleaner and more prepared for the day, then you’ve got a winning washroom.

Think deodorant, shaving kits, mints, wet wipes, dry shampoo, tights – ideal for train stations, airports, hospitality venues and more.

All Things Convenient and Wonderful

Multivend machines which offer an array of items are perfect for imaginative and convenient products. Sudocrem, plasters, tissues, combs – all sorts of things which can be put beside the other items discussed in this article to ensure your vending machine is fully stocked.

So, by now you should be determined to up your vending machine game, but where do you start?

With Direct365, you can browse machines and refill options and buy a range of supplies as and when it suits you… but we also offer a comprehensive vending machine service which takes all the hassle out of your hands.

Our servicing includes the provision, installation and maintenance of a range of machine types, as well as regular restocking tailored to your needs. Find out more here.

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