The new waste enforcement regulations for 2018

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waste enforcement england and wales regulations 2018

The UK aims to be plastic free by 2042 but, the longer goals for the UK is zero avoidable waste by 2050. Waste law amendments in recent years have put an ever-growing pressure on the threat of fly-tippers and irresponsible businesses. It’s not just the law who are tired of it, but, the community too.

Waste Enforcement (England and Wales) Regulations

The Waste Enforcement (England and Wales) Regulations 2018 makes amendments to the Environmental Protection Act (1990) and the Environment Act (1995). These new regulations come from the current secretary of state Therese Coffey and the Welsh Ministry.

The Environmental Agency has been given £63 million and two specific powers to enforce these new laws. These arose from estimations of around 600 illegal waste sites in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Waste Enforcement (England and Wales) powers

  • The environment agency will be able to instantly restrict access to a waste site by locking the gates or barring access to stop more waste coming in. While waste operators will have the right to make a right to appeal within 21 days, the Environment Agency can request a 6-month restriction order for serious pollution issues.


  • Both the Environmental agency and local authorities will be able to order an occupier or landowner to remove all waste from a non-compliant site. This extends the previous law which allowed the clearance of only illegal waste. Unlike being an immediate power like the first, a two-month notice will be required allowing time to appeal.


What this means for Waste Disposal

Most of the waste industry operates within the rules so this shouldn’t have an impact on responsible waste providers. For businesses, the new power to remove unlawful waste should only affect those who aren’t taking proper care of their waste management needs.

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