Be aware of who you trust with disposing of your waste. It’s become more of a trend nowadays for social adverts on Facebook to claim low prices for taking away your unwanted rubbish build up.

Trust can backfire if you put faith in unreputable sources, for one man in Wolverhampton, he has to pay costs of £1064 after the rubbish collector on facebook dumped his rubbish in a nearby park.

We’re going to cover some examples of why waste companies close down and how even the average joe can get in trouble for carrying rubbish around.


Waste Fines

waste fines

Travel in a van?

A small business owner was pulled over by council workers carrying spot checks. When they found he had rubbish in the back of the van, they issued a penalty notice. According to the council “ Regardless of what the items are if the waste is being stored in a commercial refuse bag in a trader’s van, it is necessary that they have a valid waste carriers’ license.”

While unfortunate, for many tradespeople, it’s best to be licensed to avoid legal repercussions even if the waste is in a small bag. The laws put in place are to prevent cases of unlawful waste dumping, i.e. fly-tipping.

The law takes fly-tipping very seriously, which is why waste management companies are under a big magnifying glass, to make sure they don’t do anything illegal.



Waste Company Fines

environmental fines uk

For failing to have a waste carriers license or exemption to keep waste, the waste management company, Thompson Site Services Ltd faced a fine of £40,000. Similar to this case, a Facebook waste collector based in Ryton was ordered to pay up after pleading guilty to failing to supply waste transfer notes.

Both of these cases should highlight the importance of waste regulations. Improper waste handling damages the environment hurts locals and affects the economy with the price taken by taxpayers through cleaning up.

Choosing a waste specialist isn’t easy, especially when cost and convenience are the major incentives. After all, most people won’t mind who disposes of their waste as long as it isn’t them. To avoid falling into the trap of choosing an unlicensed carrier, Direct365 does the hard work for you.


Direct365 Waste Management

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