Waste Not. What is the future of the UK’s waste treatment?

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The environmental services association suggested that by 2030, the UK will have 6 million tonnes of untreated waste. If treated, this would be capable of powering over 700,000 homes. to fix this issue.

Here’s how the UK is making a difference to its waste treatment:


Food Waste

In the east of England, the Co-operative Food has introduced a 10p price on selected foods within its stores. The initiative would reduce products sent to the landfill. On a larger scale: WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) has published a guidance letter calling for food businesses to include more helpful logos in retail packaging. The aim of this is to reduce un-needed waste. WRAP has advocated improvements such as better storage instructions for fresh produce.



Plastic waste

From the introduction of the plastic bag charge in 2015, the government are now seeking to introduce a tax system on all single-use plastics. This would mean extra charges on items like plastic bottles and disposable coffee cups. The reason for the initiative is to limit the number of plastic bottles that end up buried in landfills.

London is soon to follow, taking a cue from the Bristol “refill campaign”. Refill encourages businesses to allow the ordinary public to refill water at their establishments. Building a health-conscious attitude and letting businesses become more involved at a local level.


Bonus fact: According to 2016 statistics, plastic bag usage in the UK has dropped 85% since the 5p plastic bag charge! [Guardian]


How can we combat the waste problem?

At Direct365 we work closely with our suppliers to ensure waste is recycled in an environmentally conscious format. We can all start to make smaller amends to how we treat our waste, and maybe the plastic bottle you bought today could be reused instead of thrown away?


That doesn’t mean you have to drink from it. You could get creative….



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