Beautiful weather is a somewhat rarity in the UK, although when it does finally arrive for a few days, staying at a comfortable working temperature and hydrated is something we often struggle with and forget about. One of the best ways to stay focused at work, whether it be a sunny day or even a frosty morning, is to stay hydrated. In other words, install a water cooler in your office.


Did you know: About two thirds of the human body is made up of water!


Drink more!


There aren’t many things that can cool you down, refresh your mind and body, and help you focus quite as well as a simple glass of water. Having mains fed water-coolers scattered around your office will only help to encourage your staff, visitors or customers to stay hydrated throughout the day.

There’s more to it than just refreshment, as well. Taking a screen break is equally as important in the 8 hour long quest that is the working day, but to the average non-smoking worker the only real way to bag yourself a screen-break, aside from lunch, is to go to the toilet. That can get a little embarrassing. A trip to the water cooler can provide you with a brief screen break, a concentration boosting glass of water and perhaps a bit of social interaction, to get the creative juices flowing.


Did you know: Seventy-five percent of a tree is made up of water

The benefits of drinking water


You can survive over a month without food, but only five to seven days without water – It is vital to our existence, and helps us in more ways that you might know, if drank regularly.


Increase cognitive function

Your brain needs a lot of oxygen in order to function well,  and drinking a lot of water can increase your cognitive function. This can keep you attentive, creative and happy. Everyone likes to be attentive, creative and happy, right?  Staying on the brain… Since it is mostly made up of water, drinking can help you think, focus and concentrate on the task at hand, as well as being more alert and offering up much more energy.


Flushes out toxins

It helps to flush out toxins from the body, which can improve your, or your employees, health as well as saving them from taking time off work. Another common occurrence, on a sunny day, is headaches.; The sun blasting through the blinds and the extra bright screen that has to compensate for the screen glare can all lead to a killer headache.  Drinking water can help to relieve headaches, as well as migraines and back pains!


Calorie counting

Water doesn’t have any magical side effects or calorie killing qualities, but substituting it for other drinks will help to bring down your total calorie count for the day. Even cordial has a small amount of calories in it, and if you’re drinking 5-8 glasses a day, it soon adds up!

Energise the muscles

The cells in our body need to maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes, or else they begin to shrivel. This can result in muscle fatigue. They don’t work as well, when not hydrated, and begin to suffer. Whilst this is more important when exercising, it is also key to stay hydrated throughout the day to keep the fatigue at bay!

You don’t have to take our word for it, but drinking more water can actually make you happy. When your body is functioning at it’s very best, and properly hydrated, it can make you feel topped-up and energetic.


Did you know: Water is the most commons substance found on our earth.

Equipping your workspace

Fitting your office with watercoolers has never been easier, or  more hassle free. Direct365 offer a plethora of mains-fed water coolers which are perfect for any surroundings; Warehouses, offices, the local hairdressers, behind the bar at a pub. We also have a lot of accessories, ranging from cups to beca bins, available. You can find out more here.