Shred Armstrong: Why does watching things get shredded feel so…

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shred armstrong

Why Shred?

In a time when personal information is ever-changing and people’s attitudes towards their information have become an ever more serious topic of debate. A recent government survey found that 9 in 10 consumers (90%) admit that hearing about data breaches in the news, or from friends and family, gives them great concern over their own information.

Shredding can cut the risks organisations face when storing unnecessary information.

What counts as personal information?

With the enforcement of GDPR (general data protection regulation), companies need to find a way to deal with unneeded personal information.

But, what counts as “personal”?

Personal information counts as anything that directly links back to the individual. This can mean everything from home addresses, bank details, medical records and much more. One problem with holding onto personal information is the possibility of people illegally accessing it.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) secured eight convictions against NHS employees who were caught illegally prying into people’s medical records without reason.

I’ve never seen anything shredded before…

Watching things get shredded before your eyes is a cathartic experience. There isn’t a definition of this experience other than satisfying.

By choosing an onsite shredding service you can watch as we dispose of all your confidential documents and media safely and securely.


The five strangest objects ever to be shredded

We can shred anything from paper, hard drives and especially identification cards.

Here are the weirdest things we’ve ever seen shredded.


Stretch Armstrong toys

A staple childhood toy soon becoming a new Netflix tv show. Stretch Armstrong is still going strong since his start in 1976. What you wouldn’t expect of stretch are the horrific sounds the doll makes as it enters an industrial shredder.

Skittles sweets

While not necessarily tasting the rainbow, skittles are one of the many confectionary items online that have been put to the grinder.

Matches and Lighters

100 matches and a 100 lighters, the result is explosive, to say the least.

Hippy VW beetle

How many Beetles can you fit into a shredder?

 The entire Peppa pig family

A beloved worldwide cartoon, the following atrocity almost brings a tear to the eyes.


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