What Does The Rise in Men’s Grooming Mean for your Beauty Salon?

by Laurence Kellett in Small Business Guidance | posted:


Over the past 5 years, the male beauty market has skyrocketed, with men hopping up out of the barbers chair and taking their business into the beauty salons to explore new forms of male grooming, which 10 years ago would have seemed out of the question for men to undertake.

90% of salons have reported that they have seen an increase in men taking out treatments from last  year, according to an industry survey conducted by Salon Services. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, since the beauty industry as a whole is growing at an alarming rate, with the influence of social media playing its part in highlighting treatments such as tanning, waxing, eyebrow trimming and more to the masses.

In the UK, the hair and beauty industry is worth around £7 billion annually and is one of the key contributors to the dominant services sector. Although, after the most recent economic downturn, the beauty industry saw a shift in spending of the genders. The financial downturn forced salons and hairdressers to lower their prices across the board, but also spotted that women will typically wait longer between haircuts, with men coming more and more frequently for shorter, trendier, cuts.

Mens beauty is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry, with over 15 million men in the UK buying hair care products and services regularly. This means salons are having to adapt at a very fast rate, changing their marketing efforts to be more male-friendly, and ensuring their services do not alienate the millions of men seeking them, every year.

It’s not just haircuts and beard trimming that’s on the agenda for men, however – spray tans, tanning injections, laser hair removal, weight loss solutions and more are all growing in popularity across the board. At the same time, more ‘extreme’ treatments such as lip fillers, botox, and semi-permanent makeup are all becoming far more commonplace and deemed to be less and less risky than they were a few years ago. Mid-priced treatments such as these are proving to be incredibly popular amongst millennials, who are surrounded by images and influences of them on social media, television and now out in the real world. Because of the nature of these treatments, once they have been done it is important that the recipient regularly revisits the beauty salon to top up their procedure, especially in the case of lip fillers or botox.

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