At Direct365 we deal with medical clinics for many different types of waste. Our waste management team is the best out there, and while we are used to dealing with your medical waste, you might not be aware that there could be good reason to ensure that you have reliable medical confidential waste disposal. That’s why we’ve put together some of the great reasons why your practice should allow Direct365 to deal with your confidential waste disposal.

A number of paper documents on a table.

Confidentiality and Privacy

You have a duty to your patients and staff to dispose of documentational waste correctly. GDPR rules mean that you are bound to a duty of care where people’s information is concerned. You are accountable for who can use the data of your customer or patient, and only for a certain period. We’re not here to tell you all about GDPR, just that sensitive records must be disposed of after seven years. This disposal is easier if you seek a professional service that does this for you. Like Direct365.


Many medical practices have hundreds if not thousands of patients, and each patient has dozens of medical records both physical and digital. This is a lot of potential for untidiness around the office and this untidiness equates to space and money. With our professional service, you can concentrate on running the practice while we deal with the waste disposal.

Customer satisfaction

We know that customers are more concerned than ever about where they allow their data and personal information to be held. While it is legal for you to keep records that you need, for patients and customers that are no longer with your practice, you must ensure you destroy their records appropriately. Being able to say you do this or being able to rely on your process not to bite you from behind will help customers trust you. The reputational damage you will suffer if you’re caught breaking GDPR law will be great. It’s best to be prepared with a service that works.

Peace of mind

For peace of mind, you may want to hire external help. Confidential waste disposal isn’t simple, but we do exactly what you need to ensure you are compliant. This will allow you to rest easy knowing that your business is compliant in the ways it needs to be. Direct365 let your business get on with what you’re best at, while we get on with what we are.

Why Confidential Waste Management by Direct365?

Choosing Direct365 for your confidential waste disposal is the wise choice because we understand waste management. We work with thousands of businesses to ensure they are safe, compliant and aware of their duties. Contact Direct365 and find out how we can help. Our quotes are completely free and our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will assist in getting you the best deal for your medical practice. Give us a shout today and discover how Direct365 can help you.