Is your business prepared for winter weather?

by Michael Addison in Small Business Guidance | posted:


Winter weather arises a host of issues for employers and employees alike. Anything from sickness to car trouble and everything in between. One thing you can control is the safety of your business’s premises.


Why is winter safety important?

The ‘Health and Safety at Work act 1974’ requires employers to take appropriate steps to deal with slip and trip risks. Winter is an especially dangerous time for such incidents.

In the 2016 UK Health and safety report, it states that 20% of workplace accidents are caused by a slip, trip or fall.

In the case of McKeown v Inverclyde Council, a school janitor collected £30,000 in damages when he slipped on ice whilst collecting litter near the fire escape. The employer had failed to ensure that all passageways were free from risks of slipping. The lesson learned here is to prioritise all high traffic areas with the utmost importance.

But, above all else. Keeping your premises safe throughout winter will go a long way to ensure the safety and well-being of your staff, customers & visitors.


How to prepare your business for winter

The HSE online guidelines stress the importance of using grit and other similar materials in frosty or icy conditions.

  • Pour the salt or grit onto the surface – a shovel scoop is ideal for spreading
  • Ensure you’ve gritted paths, car parks, fire escapes, access points, fire assembly points, delivery entrances etc.
  • As the ice melts away, it will leave a puddle of water, so a well-placed caution sign nearby will avoid potential falls
  • Place rugs near the entrance area to absorb melted ice tracked in
  • Remove any stray signage once the hazard has passed


  • Throw boiling hot water onto an icy surface
  • Leave hazard signs out once the hazard has passed
  • Park under trees if they’re coated with ice. Branches weigh far more and could break off.
  • Spray de-icer on the ground hoping it works.

Simple as that.

Example of Winter Safety

How can Direct365 help with your winter safety?

We provide businesses with the appropriate supplies to help combat winter.:

Brown rock salt –  The most common grit used in the UK because of its visibility when applied on snow or ice.

White rock salt – Brown rock salt leaves muddy surfaces after melting. White rock salt however, melts ice and snow fast, but leaves a clean & safe surface.

Caution sign – As the ice melts and water becomes a problem, make sure to have a caution sign ready.

Snow shovel – Part of being safe and compliant is providing employees with the right tools for the job. Snow shovels are important for moving & clearing paths or larger areas.