World Water Day: Save The World With A Water Cooler

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World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water. This year’s campaign is called ‘The answer is in nature’ and raises awareness of Nature Based Solutions (NBS).

When you think about saving the planet, terminology like “Nature-based solutions” or NBS is unlikely to spring the activist out in you. Even so, here’s what this years campaign is all about.

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Water the facts?

The following facts come from the United Nations World Water Development Report (2018):

  • 2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services.
  • Continued flooding is on the increase, By 2050 nearly 20% of the world’s population will be at risk.
  • At least 65% of forested land is in a degraded state.

Water Nature-based solutions?

Nature-based solutions is an umbrella term to define “Restoring forests, grasslands and natural wetlands, reconnecting rivers to floodplains, creating buffers of vegetation along watercourses” To help the earth out by repairing the mess that’s already been made, which in turn should hopefully prevent the risks of climate change. After all, the weather hasn’t been gentle over the years. The central message is that NBS is a sustainable and cost-effective way to help fight climate change and improve human health and livelihoods.



This can be as small as cultivating a community garden to country-wide initiatives. The Chinese Government launched the “Sponge City” plan to improve water availability in urban settlements. This project’s objective is for 70% of rainwater to be absorbed and reused through implementing permeable paving and bioswales.

What can you do?


When companies think of sustainability is it just ticking off a list?

One of the best things companies can do is to preserve water. Pepsico began using more efficient filtering inside their plants, the steps they took to reduce water wastage translated to massive savings. Small businesses can make easier strides to conserving water including but not limited to;

  • Fill your dishwasher!

Dishwashers take a lot of energy, and they’re on every day in a busy office. Take the time to stack the dishwasher efficiently to get the most out of each wash.

  • Ensure you turn your taps off

If you leave a tap running on full, it wastes 6 litres per minute.

  • Install water saving devices in your washroom

You can save around 15 litres and 3.75p per toilet per day with a water saving device.

We covered energy and water saving tips here.

Speaking of water saving devices… For small businesses, they are the simplest answer to putting cost-effectiveness measures in place.

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