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Reliable & Hygienic Washroom Management from Industry Experts

The average person visits the bathroom about 2500 times every year. Of these visit, around 800 of them are to a public washroom. Maintaining a hygienic and sanitary washroom needn’t be a problem with SteriTouch anti-bacterial and odour neutralising technology. Our washrooms are designed to an exceptionally high standard, because we care about your business.

Modern Commercial Hand Dryers with Installation & Servicing

With state-of-the-art hand dryers, you can create a positive impression on your customers. We offer easy to use wall mountable designs, germ preventing technology, powerful motors and high speed fans to provide the most hygienic and speedy experience possible for every washroom visitor.

We have hand dryers that focus on a vast array of features, from speed and energy efficiency to aesthetics and durability, we have hand dryers for every business.

Reliable Soap Dispensers with Installation & Servicing

The sink area in public bathrooms are 90% covered in E.Coli and Staph bacteria’s due to being spread over 6 square meters every time a toilet is flushed with the lid up. Further to this, 80% of infectious diseases are transferred by touch.

This is why we offer the most innovative soap dispensing technology as it’s vital that soap is applied in order to decontaminate and sanitise hands prior to washing. With, clog-free dispensing, anti-bacterial technology and automatic sensors, we can help reduce the spread of germs and help keep your business safe.

Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our experienced and dedicated washroom experts. We won’t be beaten on price.

Cut water costs massively with our patented water saving devices

The average urinal is flushed about 18 times per day using a gallon of water per flush – that’s about 8 full size bath tubs! Our water saving technology will save you an average of up to 70%, reducing your urinal water usage from 18 gallons to 5.4 gallons of water per day – a little bigger than a standard size basketball.

We offer products and services to save water from your taps, urinals and toilets which aims to create a more environmentally responsible washroom and save you money on your bills.

Our most popular water saving device is our Flow-saver® which is specially designed to reduce water usage in your urinals, where our award-winning flush control device is designed to greatly reduce water consumption in WC toilets. We also offer SaverTap’s, which is a device that converts your existing taps to make them more efficient as a push-type operation. These handy water saving devices can save up to 80% of water!

Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our experienced and dedicated hygiene experts. We won’t be beaten on price.

Installed and maintained air fresheners & air purifiers for your washroom

When it comes to washrooms, first impressions matter. Various studies show that a commercial air freshener dispenser or an industrial air purification unit can make a huge difference to the smell of your washroom.

Our automatic air freshener dispensers offer a pleasant and refreshing experience for your customers whilst our expert hygiene service drivers will take care of installation and servicing so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

We offer a wide selection of fragrances and coloured finishes to keep your washroom looking and smelling its best.

Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our experienced and dedicated washroom experts. We won’t be beaten on price.

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