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Insect Control Service

To keep your business free from dangerous and unsanitary insect problems, early action is key. Direct365’s Commercial Pest Control services help to prevent an insect issue from ever occurring, and provide quick and effective solutions if pests spread. Don’t let your business suffer from irreparable reputation damage, sort your Pest Management service before it’s too late.

We help businesses of all sizes, from small premises to industrial facilities, and can remove a range of nuisance insects – including bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, wasps, flies, worms, moths and many more. Our Intelligent Pest Management combines industry-leading technology with decades of experience to find the most practical solution available, from steam technology to bespoke machinery.

Our fast and efficient insect control usually allows you to return to treated workspaces on the same day, therefore minimising the effect on your business – this is especially important for catering and hospitality companies. With Direct365, you get discretion, online reporting, pest identification and ongoing advice on keeping your premises insect-free. What more could you want? Get in touch for your free quote today! 

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Everything You Need To Know About Insect Control

About bed bugs

"Bed bugs now have a high level of insecticide resistance"

Bed bugs are, to put it bluntly, a pain. They feed on warm bodied animals like us humans and leave painful and uncomfortable bites, often while the victim is sleeping.

Bed bugs are small, brown coloured creatures, usually 4-5mm long, and are often found close to a food source, typically infesting areas where people sleep due to the warmth and the carbon dioxide that we exhale. They thrive in all sorts of indoor areas inside furnishings, carpets and as their name suggests, beds.

Some more specific areas where bed bugs are often found include:

  • In the nooks and crannies of bed frames
  • Around the seams of mattresses, sheets and duvets
  • Behind bed headboards
  • Around skirting boards and flooring rails
  • In carpets and underlay
  • Underneath skirting boards
  • In the gaps of wooden flooring
  • Inside electrical fittings

The bad news is that bed bugs are on the rise in the UK due to increases in international travel, meaning that they have more suitcases, pyjamas and other warm objects to hide in and be transported from elsewhere. Bed bug treatment can prove to be extremely difficult to carry out effectively due to their increase in resistance to certain pesticides and other prevention techniques, but we have all the equipment and expertise we need to eradicate them.

The solution

Bed bugs can be a stubborn and highly resistant pest to deal with for anyone who isn't an insect control specialist. We regularly solve bed bug problems in hotels, bed and breakfasts and other types of accommodation with high guest turnover, although they can be found in almost any business.

Using our innovative and proven treatments, we'll get to the root of of the problem by following these steps:

  • We thoroughly inspect all areas of the problem room and any neighbouring rooms and will also install a monitor in order to keep a close eye on the infestation
  • Steam complemented by non-toxic Diatomaceous Earth is used to thoroughly treat the room and to gain instant control. A high performance insecticide is also applied in low quantities (in most cases you can still use the room on the same day of the treatment).
  • A second visit is performed to make sure that the problem has been properly eradicated. This is especially important considering the fact that most re-infestations are a result of the problem not being properly tackled in the first instance, but we don't let that happen!

Dangers & signs of infestation

Two immediate sign of bedbugs being present in a room are firstly, a sweet, sickly smell coupled with a dark staining of mattresses or sheets caused by the excrement of the insects. If you notice either of these things then there is a good chance your business has a bed bug infestation and it's time to get rid of the pests!

Another clear and rather unpleasant indication is the appearance of small blood stains on bedding and sheets. This is caused by the creatures' vampiric feeding habits, as they really are bloodsuckers!

People react differently to bed bug bites, they can vary from showing hardly any signs whatsoever to being covered in a swollen, itchy rash. You can usually expect for the bite marks to follow along an area of the body such as a leg or an arm but occasionally, depending on the severity of the infestation, the bites can be all over the body.

It is possible for bedbugs to transmit diseases; however, there isn't currently any documented cases of this happening. The main issue is the discomfort and distress that their bites can cause, they don't instantly hurt, but they can leave an itchy rash and sometimes even eczema. Combined with the risk of infection from scratching, bed bug bites can be a huge problem for the success and reputation of your business; especially if it’s a hotel.

If you are unsure, then we would highly recommend getting in touch and we'll have one of our pest control experts inspect the suspected area properly, as it can very difficult to diagnose a bedbug problem without the help of a trained eye.

About cockroaches

"Cockroaches can go up to 45 minutes without breathing, survive the radiation of a nuclear blast and even live for up to a week without a head!"

Seeing a cockroach is never a good sign as where you see one, there are often many others that you don't see. They are usually around an inch in length and love warm conditions inside buildings. 

Cockroaches are some of the hardiest insects in the animal kingdom, with an extremely robust anatomy capable of enduring some seriously difficult conditions. This means that we have to be at the top of our game when it comes to getting rid of them and use all sorts of new technology and innovative methods.

There are several different types of cockroaches that inhabit the UK, all of which are equally off-putting. Some of the common species include:

  • German Cockroach
  • Oriental Cockroach
  • American Cockroach
  • Brown Banded Cockroach

At Direct365 we only work with industry experts using the latest pest control techniques in order to make sure that these annoying and extremely tough insects are exterminated for good before they do any lasting damage to your business' reputation.

The solution

What makes cockroaches partocularly hard to eliminate is that their hiding places are usually difficult to reach with insecticides and their breeding process is incredibly effecient, producing huge amounts of eggs.

The cockroach pest control technicians that we work with use their ever-advancing techniques in order to monitor the infestation, work out where the pests are, find the source and completely eradicate the problem. Even more importantly than that, they will make sure that everything possible is done to make sure they don’t come back.

We know how important it is to make sure that your business premises doesn’t have its reputation damaged, which is why our experts will do everything it takes to get rid of these unpleasant little pests. Get in touch today for peace of mind and a cockroach-free workplace.

Dangers & signs of infestation

At any one time a single cockroaches can carry all sorts of harmful bacteria and micro-organisms that are easily transmitted to us, including salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and more. This is because they spend a lot of time in drains and sewers which means that they crawl and tread over all kinds of dirty and infectious substances.

Cockroaches will eat just about anything, be it leather, plastic, paper, and will spread contagions as they eat. When cockroaches find their way into food preparation and dining areas they can pose a serious health risk.

The sight of just one cockroach is often enough to tarnish the reputation of a business, regardless of how clean it is. If word spreads around your customers that your building has a cockroach infestation, they will likely choose another location for their custom. This can be extremely damaging for hotels and catering businesses which both rely upon high standards of hygiene in order to keep attracting customers.

There are a few ways to identify terms a cockroach infestation beyond spotting them yourself. Signs of cockroaches can include a pungent, ‘dirty-sweet’  smell that can cause asthma-like symptoms, black spots of fecal matter and fleshy, oval shaped eggs behind furniture and other hidden areas.

Identification can be difficult without a trained eye, so if you are unsure just give us a call and we'll arrange for an expert to inspect your premises.

About ants

"If a man could run as fast for his size as an ant can, he could run as fast as a racehorse."

As fascinating creatures as they are, we’ve all been annoyed by ants at some point in our lives and you can rest assured that your customers will be displeased to say the least if an ant infestation is plaguing your premises.

There are thousands of species of ants around the world, but almost all of them live in colonies consisting of a queen, several short lived males and huge amounts of workers. If you are seeing ants running around in your building there is an extremely high chance that those are the worker ants. Whilst foraging for food, worker ants communicate with each other by leaving a chemical message on the substrate which helps lead other ants to a food source and can quickly lead to an infestation.

There are several different species of common ants in the UK that you may find in your business, including:

  • Pharaoh's Ant
  • Garden Ant
  • Argentine Ant
  • Roger's Ant
  • Ghost Ant

Ant hives are designed to be intricate fortresses that are always growing and expanding at the expense of anything and everything around them, even your building. What's more, ant colonies are particularly resistant and can be difficult to remove without our expertise and specialised equipment.

The solution

Our commercial ant control specialists are fully trained in order to completely eradicate any ants that may have set up a colony in or around your business.

We monitor the infestation, determine the type of ant of which is causing the problem, then we prepare all of the best and most advanced technology at our disposal to eliminate the problem. From there, we'll do everything possible to prevent a re-infestation including returning as many times as necessary.

Dangers & signs of infestation

Ants can be a nightmare to get rid of once they have chosen your business premises as their home. They can contaminate food, damage your business' reputation and put off potential customers.

Several species of ant in the UK are capable of stinging or biting, particularly if their nest is threatened. Whilst most ant bites are not inherently dangerous, there is always a risk of the victim having an allergic reaction and going into anaphylactic shock, which can be life-threatening. Due to these reasons, it’s always best to keep ants well under control and away from your customers, especially if your business caters for children.

There are a few ways to diagnose an ant problem, other than spotting an ant which means there is definitely a colony somewhere nearby. Some ants are known to burrow into woodwork leaving tiny holes in furniture and fixtures or if you find a large number of winged ants around your business then this is a sure sign that you have a serious infestation.

About wasps

"Only female wasps have a stinger whereas males do not."

Almost everyone has been stung by a wasp at some point in their life, and those who have aren't likely to forget the unpleasantness and painfulness of it. Social wasps, like the common 'yellow jackets' often seen buzzing around flowers, are more dangerous around their nest, particularly towards the end of summer when they become increasingly aggressive.

Not all wasps build nests, but social wasps are the most common type of Vespidae (wasp) and will build their nests in all sorts of different places, from ceiling beams to under the floor boards. New nests are formed by a queen in the springtime after a long hibernation over the winter and can reach their full size and contain several thousand wasps within a matter of weeks.

There are dozens of common species of social wasps in the UK and all of them are dangerous if threatened or any attempt is made to remove their nest. Attempting to remove a wasp nest without professional help is extremely dangerous and can even be life-threatening.

The solution

We work alongside commercial and business industry specialists who will:

  • Examine your business to find the source of the problem, the nest.
  • A pesticide dust is injected into the mouth of the nest.
  • The wasps will then spread the dust throughout all of the chambers and to the queen.
  • Before the nest is removed, our technicians allow just enough time for the wasps that are busy buzzing their way around your building to return from their travels and ingest the insecticide.
  • From there, the source is destroyed along with all of the wasps, eradicating the problem for good.

Dangers & signs of infestation

Being stung by a wasp is at best painful and at worst can be life threatening if the victim falls into an anaphylactic shock, so it is understandable that many people are extremely cautious, if not afraid of them. As long as a wasp nest is present in or around your business, there is a significant danger to your visitors.

There aren't many signs of a wasp infestation beyond finding a large number of them in or around your premises. If you are encountering high numbers of wasps, particularly during the summer months, then it is more than likely that there is a nest very nearby.

You may notice a particular spot where the wasps seem to regularly fly in and out of, such as a crack in a wall or a gap where the roof meets the walls of your building, and this is often where the nest is located. If you ever find a wasp hive, you should avoid it and ensure that your visitors avoid it as well, then contact us immediately so that we can safely remove the problem.

About Flies

"The average house fly carries 2 million bacteria on its body"

Irritating, robust and often found in large numbers, flies can be more than just an annoyance. Due to their habits of crawling and feeding on unpleasant materials, carrion and waste matter, flies often carry all sorts of dangerous diseases and bacteria, whilst parasitic flies like mosquitoes can spread blood-borne diseases.

There are thousands of common species of fly in the UK and most will be more active and prevalent in the summer months, particularly in areas close to rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Certain circumstances can cause flies to become a real nuisance for your business, especially for restaurants and catering establishments which flies are naturally attracted to. 

In instances like this a simple fly swatter often won't be enough to stop the infestation and before long the problem could be seriously off-putting for your customers, and damaging for your business.

The solution

Even though you may be able to catch one or two flies if you're quick enough, it's likely that you won't be able to stop all of them on your own, even if you had time to waste chasing them around!

The fully trained and vetted experts that we work alongside are specialists in controlling flies in commercial and business environments.

  • They will examine your premises and find the source of the problem
  • Design and fit fly screens
  • Supply and service fly control units
  • Use insecticide treatments, specialist monitors and fly killers
  • Provide expert advice on future prevention

What's more, if your fly problem persists, our experts will return as many times as they need to until it is solved once and for all.

Dangers & signs of infestation

For the most part, flies don’t pose any severe direct threat to humans, but it is the residual contamination that they can cause that can be a serious problem. If flies land on surfaces or even food, they can spread all sorts of nasty diseases and even parasites like intestinal worms.

There are some flies that can bite animals and humans like horse, autumn and sand flies. If these are swarming through your building then we highly recommend that you get in touch before visitors start experiencing the displeasure of painful bites and rashes.

There are some sure signs of a fly infestation that you may notice in your building.

  • A collection of small fly droppings, usually on the top of light fittings and other high objects.
  • If you happen to come across any maggots, these are flies in the early stage of their development and will soon grow into adult flies.
  • If you experience a large number of flies over a period of several days, particularly over summer, then it's likely that you have an infestation



I have a domestic infestation can you help?

The pest control services we offer are particularly suited to business and commercial premises.

Will my infestation not die out naturally in the winter?

A colony will grow and continue to be a pest until it is eradicated

I’m not sure what kind of insect is bothering me, what do I do?

Don’t worry. We work with fully qualified and vetted specialists who will visit your premises and give you a full detailed review of your infestation situation.

How long will it take to get rid of my pests?

This entirely depends of the type and severity of your pests. The technicians will arrive and give you a bespoke control plan.

Why is it important to get rid of insects?

Not only do insects spread diseases which attract secondary infestation, you have a duty of care to look after your staff and customers.

It’s an emergency, when can you arrive?

Give us a call and we'll be with you as soon as possible.

When can you start after you’ve viewed my premises?

All the vans arrive fully equipped, so we can get started straight away.