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Pest Environment Management

In a lot of cases, business owners fail to consider Pest Control until damage has already been done. At Direct365, we understand how to protect your business to prevent pest problems from ever occurring. Leaving it too late means your company could face irreparable loss – of physical property and of your good reputation.

What is Pest Environment Management? It’s a safety net of due diligence. Our strategies remove the environmental factors in which pests thrive to make sure your surroundings don’t attract unwanted creatures. This professional and compliant service acts as proof of Duty of Care measures, giving you peace of mind.

Our specialists target pests with population control methods and habitat management, as well as assessing factors like hygiene and waste to offer best practice guidance. In addition to ridding you of pests, we’ll clean up in the aftermath of an infestation, offering contaminated waste removal and deep clean services. Safeguard your business before it’s too late, get your free quote today. 

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    We remove attractants and nests to prevent re-infestation
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    BPCA, CHAS, ROSPA and more. You’re in safe hands!
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  • Dirty premises cleaning
    Our technicians will perform a deep clean of the mess caused by pests
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All About Pest Environment Management

Often grounds and vegetation around business premises are neglected, or at least do not receive as much maintenance as they should. Undisturbed areas of vegetation are extremely attractive to all sorts of unwanted pests and once they settle in they'll quickly grow and spread to other areas of your business.

To aid in the prevention and control of intruding pests, our specialised technicians will:

  • Remove low level vegetation
  • Cut back mature shrubs
  • Prune low branches
  • Apply herbicides

This complete vegetation control will not only expose and control any pest habitats, but will massively reduce the chance of re-infestation. What's more, your grounds will be left looking more attractive and professional, as well as being free of pests.

As pest control experts we understand that a big part of keeping pests at bay is good hygiene practise. Sometimes businesses can produce and store a large amount of waste during times of renovation, moving premises or a period of inoccupation, and this is when they are most likely to attract hordes of unwanted pests.

To prevent that from happening, our commercial pest environment management technicians will:

  • Perform a full hygiene clean
  • Clear all rubbish (including contaminated waste)
  • Inform you of any pest issues

This service is an ideal partner to any of our pest control services. A full hygiene clean will eliminate any areas where pests are likely to settle, keep your all important hygiene standards high and provide a spotless work environment.

After facing a pest problem, businesses can often be left with untold amounts of damaged and defaced property, furnishings and contaminated waste. This is due to the secondary effects of pest infestations which include animal droppings, carcasses and other potentially infectious leavings.

Whilst most pest control companies will only deal with the pest problem at hand, we go further by removing egg and nest sites, providing hygiene cleaning and disposing of contaminated waste. Whether it’s furniture littered with rodent droppings or products damaged by other leavings; we’ll clean and remove all contaminated waste as part of our comprehensive service.


I have a domestic pest infestation - can you help?

Our pest control services are designed for our business and commercial clients. As such, we don't tend to service domestic properties.

Is vegetation control ideal for my premises?

Vegetation control is ideal for any overgrown area. Pests are attracted to concealed areas where they can hide and feed, so by get ridding of these you can dramatically reduce the risk of infestation.

When can you start clearing?

In many cases our trained and vetted technicians will arrive with all the equipment necessary to start the job in the same day.

Why do other companies not deal with contaminated waste?

Contaminated waste removal is a difficult and dirty job that not many other pest removal companies are trained or prepared to deal with. However, we know how important it is in the prevention of re-infestation and to keep your business premises looking smart and professional.

What can I do to stop pests from invading my business?

Most pests are attracted to areas where food supply is maintained or places that provide adequate shelter. Disposing of food waste securely and properly is a good start, as well as keeping on top of general waste disposal and ensuring that typical hiding places like overgrown vegetation, piles of debris and wood are removed from your property.