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Commercial Refrigeration Repair & Installation

A broken fridge or freezer can be a disaster for any business and cost huge amounts in lost profits, stock and repair fees. Our specialised refrigeration maintenance service will keep your business protected from the cost of broken fridges and freezers, 365 days a year.

We work with fully qualified, expert technicians with fast response times when you have an emergency. As part of our service we'll assess your refrigerator’s age and condition and offer you an expert recommendation to ensure your equipment is kept safe and well maintained.

Don't just wait for your freezer to breakdown, protect your business all year round with our expert refrigeration maintenance service. We offer a complete service for all types of refrigerators, from beer coolers to display fridges, and even ice machines. So whether you're a small cafe or a big restaurant, we can help install, repair and service any refrigerator.

Give us a call for a friendly chat about what we can do to help your business stay cool.

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About Refrigeration Maintenance & Servicing


Why is refrigeration maintenance important?

Besides the obvious of keeping products fresh, refrigerators have extremely delicate components that require regular attention such as cleaning, replacing, and testing. The cycle of a refrigerator starts with a low-pressure and low-temperature vapour being pulled from the inside of the refrigerator into a compressor, where it’s then met with electricity which raises the pressure and temperature of the vapour, creating a gas. If your unit has faulty components at this stage, it could be a danger to you and your workforce. Following this, the gas travels along the condenser coils which are located in the back of the refrigerator, and eventually meets with the air temperature of the kitchen, causing the gas to form a liquid. The high-pressured liquid then travels to the evaporator coils inside the refrigerator where it absorbs the heat, cooling down the air inside. If you have faulty coils, this would not only be a danger to your staff, but the foods could spoil or become contaminated if met with the liquid. Finally, with a working refrigerator, the liquid would evaporate and become vapour, flowing back down to the compressor to start the cycle again. This part of the cycle is commonly restricted by an over-filled refrigerator causing them to become faulty which our experts would easily identify.


So what are the benefits of ‘serviced’ refrigerators?

•   Prevents the need for maintenance
•   Reduced costs of repairs
•   Saves between 5% & 10% on energy costs
•   Fully functional equipment
•   Always up-to-date quality units
•   If you have little space, a speedy repair could prevent products from spoiling
•   Regular advisement of the prevention of bacteria and pests


But what’s in it for me?

Along with this service, we offer:

•   Knowledgeable customer service advisors who are there to help
•   Access to engineers based nationwide and a rapid response time
•   Over 20 years experience
•   Up-to-date technology
•   We offer free no-obligation quotes
•   No job is too small or too big
•   We value our customers
•   High-quality servicing
•   Competitive prices