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Commercial Serviced Entrance Mats

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Commercial Serviced Entrance Mats
  • Flexible service schedule
    We'll tailor our hassle-free cleaning & replacement service to suit your needs
  • Cleaning & replacements
    Never go without! You get replacements every time we service your mats
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  • Highest quality products
    You won't be disappointed! Our mats are some of the best quality on the market
  • Hazard prevention
    Avoid slips, trips & falls - being safe never looked so good
  • Nationwide coverage
    You can get our high quality services no matter where you are in the UK

Entrance mats are something every business should take pride in. At Direct365, we’re specialists in floorcare solutions and will provide plenty of choices so that you get the perfect welcome mat for your building. We’ll give you tailored recommendations from our range of colour, design and size options so the style of your mat can protect and reflect your company.

What sets us apart is our professional installation and laundering service for mats in any size and type of building. We can even provide image customisation to display your brand, because a personalised mat is the perfect way to welcome people to your business (read more about our Logo Mats here). Keep your floors professional and tidy with Direct365 – call 0808 163 9660 today.

We’re experienced in supplying and maintaining business purpose floor mats in all industries, from small cafes to industrial warehouses. Our comprehensive service begins with choosing the right mats for your needs; we have a huge selection of high quality options to choose from, all of which are expertly fitted and cleaned by our expert technicians as part of our comprehensive aftercare service.

Getting the right mat for your building’s entrance is about practicality as well as appearance. Matting is the first line of defence against dirt and moisture, that’s why our service will regularly clean and replace mats to keep your floor in pristine condition. Remember, a first impression means everything for your business, so make a statement at the front door.

Slips, trips and falls make up 41% of workplace injuries; business owners have a Duty of Care to ensure health and safety measures are in place to avoid these kinds of accidents – especially in entrance ways susceptible to poor weather conditions.

If you buy a mat but leave it unserviced, you compromise its lasting condition. Having a reliable mat service lowers the danger of slipperiness and spillages, helping to prevent harmful instances – not just around main entrance and exit doors, but also in washrooms, kitchens, lifts and more. Get in touch on 0808 163 9660 for more information and a quick quote!

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