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Instant Hot Water Boilers

Instant Hot Water Boilers
  • Value for money
    We get the best deal for your business and ensure long-term savings
  • Call us for an instant quote
    It's free! Call for more information and an instant, no-obligation quote
  • Delivery and installation included
    Our BWCA-accredited specialists provide hassle-free dispenser fitting at no extra cost
  • State-of-the-art design
    A classic look and tough finish to compliment any working environment
  • Get a free 7-day trial
    Discover the joys of a workplace water dispenser with 1 week free!
  • Nationwide availability
    You can get our high quality services no matter where you are in the UK

We keep businesses of all types and sizes happy and hydrated. Whether staff need a brew break or visitors need a welcoming cuppa, our water boilers are perfect for providing instant hot water at the push of a button.

No more time wasted waiting for the kettle to boil – with a mains-fed dispenser your business will save time and money whilst enjoying the convenience of instant and constant hot water. 

With various options, finishes and capacities available, you’ll be sure to find a model that suits your workplace’s needs; enquire online or call us today on 0808 163 9660 for more information and a free, no-obligation quote.

We’re the go-to provider for convenient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly business solutions. Our stylish water systems boast sleek and modern designs, creating a more attractive workplace than standard commercial boilers, and you can enjoy them on any budget thanks to flexible buy or rent options.

Our models take up minimal space and connect directly to your water line, making sustainable use of a readily available water source and helping to minimise your business’s carbon footprint. The boilers function with energy efficient technology, including built-in power settings to avoid wasting energy and prevent unnecessary extra costs, so you save money day by day.

Rest assured knowing these hot water dispensers are safe to use; there’s no risk of the system overheating thanks to programmable temperature options and measures in place to stop the boiler from boiling dry.

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