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Expert Waste Management Services for Care Homes

We’re here to help you keep on top of all of your waste, whether it’s general rubbish, needles and sharps, or even pharmaceutical drug waste - we'll help you to dispose of it all, safely and responsibly.

We’ll provide you with a suitable bin and ensure it is disposed of as discretely and cost-efficiently as possible, whilst keeping you fully compliant with waste legislation.

Professional drug & pharmaceutical waste disposal for care homes

Medication and pharmaceuticals carry with them a whole range of legal requirements and regulations concerning their correct and safe disposal.

Our waste experts can help your care home stay legally compliant and make sense of your cytotoxic from your cytotastic waste.

We’ll provide you with a safe and appropriate bin for your drug and pharmaceutical waste, with sizes ranging from 5, 7, 11 and 22 litres, so we can support you however many patients you have. Your always in control of our service, with flexible schedules to suit your needs and discrete, hassle-free collection.

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Expert sharps bins & flexible disposal for your nursing home

Absolute care must be taken when it comes to disposing of medical needles, and a key part of any nursing home’s duty of care is to ensure that sharps are responsibly and legally collected and removed.

We can support you with our safe and legally compliant sharps bins and expert removal services, so you can rest assured that all your medical sharps and needle waste is disposed of responsibly.

Our expert sharps disposal service includes flexible collections to meet your needs whether you require regular collection, or one-offs, we can help. Our experts will also provide you with a full consignment note and even help to get you registered with the environmental agency to keep your nursing home legally compliant.

Get a quick quote today for professional, safe medical sharps and needle disposal.

Discrete hygiene & tiger bag waste removal for care homes

Caring for your patients can produce lots of different types of waste, and we’re here to help you safely and effectively manage all of it, including offensive and hygiene waste.

We can discretely and professionally dispose of sanitary waste including incontinence pads and tiger bag waste.

You can choose from a wide range of suitable bins for your needs, including 50 litre outdoor bins, and we’ll provide you with yellow tiger stripe bags as part of the service. With flexible collections and payment by the bin, rather than by the bag, our service is built around your care home’s needs.

Get a free quote today for all your hygiene waste disposal needs.

Cost effective general waste removal & recycling services for your care home

Even general waste can be expensive and hard to manage, especially with the difficulties of running a nursing home today, and recent changes in legislation require businesses like care homes to segregate and recycle as much of their waste as possible.

We have years of experience in supporting thousands of customers every month with a flexible and professional general waste collection and recycling service.

Our service provides you with bins to suit any need, including wheelie bins and lockable units, all of which are emptied on a schedule that works for you. We’ll handle all of the legislation and regulations, providing you with all the correct documentation and collection notes to keep you compliant along with our reliable disposal services.

Get a free quote today for our expert general waste management service.

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  • Waste Segregation
    We'll help you keep costs down and recycle all of your food, glass and dry waste
  • Flexible Service Options
    We tailor our services and collections to your care home's needs
  • Consignment Notes Included
    We'll provide all of the legally required paperwork with each collection
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