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Essential Products & Reliable Services For Your Hotel

We’re here to help keep your hotel well equipped and running smoothly with all the supplies you need at the lowest prices and expert services to support you with everything from waste management to safety.

The Latest & Greatest Washroom Products For Your Hotel

Clean and modern washroom facilities are an essential feature for any hotel or guest house in today’s market. You can rely on us to provide everything you need to transform your bathrooms into stylish and hygienic facilities that will impress your guests.

Choose from our range of modern, automatic hand-dryers, soap dispensers and air fresheners as well as water saving devices with free installation and servicing.

  • Free Installation
  • Choice Of Modern Styles
  • Nationwide Service

Join thousands of businesses using our washroom services today!

Find out more about our Washroom Hygiene Services

Washroom Hygiene services for your hotel

Hotel Fire Safety & PAT Testing Services

Keep your guests safe and your hotel well protected with our expert safety testing services.

Our UKAS accredited services include fire alarm and extinguisher testing as well as PAT testing to ensure that your hotel is safe and your equipment is up to the highest standard.

You can rely on our experts to keep your guests and your hotel safe and fully compliant with the law.

  • UKAS Accredited
  • Post-Test Certificate Provided
  • Minor Repairs Included

Enquire today for the most reliable safety testing in the country!

Find out more about our Safety Testing Services

Safety Testing services for hotels

Shop for Safety Products

Safety supplies for your hotel

Expert Waste Management Services For Hotels

You need a waste management company that you can trust when it comes to handling all of your hotel’s waste.

With years of experience in waste collection for thousands of businesses all over the UK, you can rely on us to dispose of your waste discretely and reliably.

  • Flexible Collections
  • Waste Note Provided
  • Nationwide Service

Get a free quote today to take care of all your waste!

Find out more about our Waste Disposal Services

Waste management for hotels

Discrete Pest Control For Your Hotel

No one wants to find unwanted guests in their room, whether its wasps, bed bugs, mice or any other critters, we can help you get rid of them all for good.

We provide an expert pest control service for the fast and discrete removal of all sorts of pests. Our pest control technicians will conduct a thorough survey of your facilities and use safe and humane technology to remove your pests and prevent them from coming back.

  • We remove all rodents, insects & birds
  • Free follow up visits
  • Humane trapping & removal

Let us take care of all your pest with a free quote today!

Find out more about our Pest Control Services

Pest Control services for hotels

Top Supplies & Products For Hotels

You’ll find everything you need to give your guests a comfortable stay and keep your hotel running smoothly, all in our online shop with fast delivery and unbeatable prices!

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