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50 Triple Loft Oil Preferential Spillpod Pads, Dispenser Box

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These unique super-absorbent recycled cotton fibre Spillpod pads come in a dispenser box of 50 – perfect for workshops, garages, service stations and more.

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  • This product is made from recycled bonded fibres, making the material more kind on the environment. The product can also absorb up to 900ml of oil, mild-acids, water and more. The product is supplied in a handy dispenser box for easy access.


    Product Benefits:

    This product is a tough, durable and simple solution to spillages. These pads are easy to use without the need for specialised PPE. Designed specifically for hard surfaces, this product is great for outdoor spillages.


    Product Application:

    This product can be used to absorb oil, fuel, diesel, petrol, oil-based paints, coolants, degreasers, mild-acids and water. Do not expose this product to water after using on oil spills. Suitable for use with most drip trays.


    Customer Suitability:

    Workshops, garages, car body shops, service stations, schools, factories, warehouses, chemical processing facilities, transport depots, or anywhere a spill could occur.


    Product Size:

    3.9cm (w) x 3.1cm (h) x 1cm (d)


    Product Weight:

    Each pad weighs approximately 50g


    Quantity Included:

    50 individual pads


    Absorbent Capacity:

    Each pad can absorb up to 900ml of oil.



    Re-using this product is not advised.



    This product is made from lint-free spun-bond fabric which is bonded to melt-blown polypropylene sorbent. It is then perforated to make it more absorbent. This product also has a low carbon footprint as it is made from 90% recycled fibres.



    This product is non-allergenic, although using heavy-duty gloves when dealing with oil and chemical spills is advised.



    This product should be disposed of in accordance with UK regulations.

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    Dimensions (L) x (W) x (H)32 x 40 x 30cm
    Recycled MaterialYes
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