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AED Responder Kit K578

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A lightweight, portable, AED Responder Kit, equipped with all the essentials to perform a defibrillation safely, supplied in a high quality zip bag, with the ability to be attached to an AED handle.… Full Details

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  • The AED Responder Kit provides all the essentials require to perform defibrillation on a patient, including gloves, foil blanket, face mask, razor, cloth cutters and wipes. The AED Responder Kit is vital in the case of an emergency, where defibrillation must be performed quickly and properly. It is highly recommended to have the Responder Kit situated next to or close to a Defibrillator, which is why the case Kit can be easily attached the a Defibrillator handle. This is a cost effective and efficient way of safely preparing someone for defibrillation in an emergency.
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