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Alvaley Amalgam Separator - Dryline Suction System

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The Alvaley Amalgam Separator Dryline suction system is suitable for all single surgery Dryline suction systems. Manufactured in the UK is the World’s Best Priced and the UK's Best Amalgam Separator.… Full Details

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  • For dry systems single surgery

    The Alvaley  Amalgam  Separator  Dryline  suction system Suitable for all single surgery Dryline  suction systems.
    The Alvaley  Amalgam  Separator , Manufactured in the UK is the World’s Best Priced and the UK's Best Amalgam  Separator , this fully certified ISO BS EN 11143 and CE marked standard Amalgam  Separator  is chemical resistant, you will not need to recycle this product for many years.

    This Separator  is the Cheapest in the market. It has no running costs, no power is required making it the world’s most cost effective unit.
    Easy to install 60%+ of our customers install it themselves.

    We offer a no contract recycling service. Pay for the recycling only when it needs to be done.

    The Alvaley  model 1 separator is the most cost effective unit on the market with up to 2 years usage without needing to be recycled. Similar models need to be recycled every 6 - 12 months!

    Product Description
    • BS EN ISO 11143 Approved
    • 2 Year Parts Warranty
    • Not Electrical (no power required)
    • No Running Costs
    • No Maintenance
    • No Servicing
    • No Noise (Silent operation)
    • No Rotors, Collector Cups or Buffers
    • No Hidden Costs
    • No Surgery Downtime
    • Up to 2 years usage without needing to be recycled
    • Fits all Dry line Suction Pumps
    • Easy Fit - Self-Installation kit included
    • 100% RECYCLABLE
    • CE Marked

    Dimensions: 21cm x 25cm in diameter
    Total volume: 6.5 litres
    Classification Type Filtration & Sedimentation
    Supplied with:
     2 metres of hose
     2 x 1 ¼ inch universal waste pipe connectors
     4 hose clips
     2 adaptors (hose to universal waste fitting)

    How does it work?

    The Alvaley  Separator  works by a sedimentary and filtration process effectively removing up to 96.6% of amalgam particulates from your waste water stream. Only water that has been filtered can pass through the outlet.

    Our units are so easy to install you can do it yourself or ask your local plumber; we can offer installation services in some areas of the country call us to discuss further.


    No moving parts, our unit provides a hands free operation all year round.

    No maintenance

    No cup exchange or mess.


    Our amalgam separator can also be used on pumped waste and gravity drains, it’s also ideal for dedicated sink or where mobile aspirators are emptied.
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