Autovend Dual Column Vending Machine Chrome

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Autovend's slim design with hands free operation

Suitable for the smaller washroom

Products are dispensed automatically once the correct coinage has been inserted 

The Autovend vending machine has a tough and slim design, making it the perfect solution for smaller washrooms. Once a user inserts the correct coins into the Autovend, the products are dispensed automatically. This dual column vending machine is available in a choice of brushed stainless steel, white metal or chrome – providing a design and colour choice for all washroom environments in pubs, restaurants, clubs, hotels, shopping centres, stations, educational facilities, airports and more. The Autovend is extremely robust and is resilient to vandalism. The Autovend vending machine is a very simple dispenser which allows many formats and product sizes. Our washroom vending machines dispense leading brand named products which customers know and trust. All our sanitary vending machines come with an installation and operation manual.


  • Compact
  • Anti-vandalism covers
  • 2 product choices per machine
  • Automatic dispensing system
  • Does not provide change
  • Self-contained, battery powered – no mains wiring
  • Can be customized to incorporate company logo
  • Refund button


  • Available in steel white, silver, black, stainless steel and chrome
  • Height: 705mm
  • Width: 360mm
  • Depth: 100mm
  • Weight: 10.6kg
  • Minimum Packet Sizes: 75mm x 45mm x 10mm
  • Maximum Packet Sizes: 130mm x 75mm x 38mm

Built to order. 

Delivery 10-14 days 


Products Available to Configure this Machine

Left Hand:                                                                                                      Right Hand:

Column A (Max 130 x53 mm)                                                                       Column B (Max 100x74mm)

Tampax Super (3 per pack)                                                                            Combo Sanipack (1 Always with wings / 1 Tampax Compak)                 

Tampax Compak Lites (3 per pack)                                                                Always Ultra Plus with Wings (2 normal) 

Lil-Lets Non Applicator Tampons (4 regular)                                                  Always Ultra Plus with Wings (1 Normal)      

Lil-Lets Non Applicator Tampons (Digi 2 regular)                                           Kotex Maxi no wings (1 per pack)

Combo Sanipack (1 Always with wings / 1 Tampax Compak)                        Kotex Ultra Plus with wings (2 per pack)            

Kotex Maxi no wings (1 per pack)                                                                  Skins Dots & Ribs Condoms (4 per pack)

Kotex Ultra Plus with wings (2 per pack)                                                       Anadin Extra (16 per pack)

Always Alldays (6 per pack)                                                                           Anadin Ibuprofen (16 per pack)  

Always Ultra Plus with wings (1 normal + 1 long)                                          Always Ultra Plus no wings (1 normal + 1 long)

Anadin Paracetamol (16 per pack)                                                                 Pretty Legs Tights (Black)

Always Ultra Plus with Wings (2 normal)                                                       

Always Ultra Plus with Wings (1 Normal)                                                            

Skyn Original Condoms (3 per pack)                                                                    

Skins Natural Condoms (4 per pack)                                        

Skins Dots & Ribs Condoms (4 per pack)                                     

Pretty Legs Tights (Black)         

Smints Original                           

Anadin Extra (16 per pack)                       

Anadin Ibuprofen (16 per pack)                                   

Anadin Paracetamol (16 per pack)                                 

Imodium Instants 

More Information
Brand System 500
Material Steel
Finish/Colour Chrome
Condition New
Vends Sanitary
Manufacturer Reference Number KS500-SS-CHR
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