Baby Anne Infant CPR Training Manikin Replacement Faces x 6

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Six replacement faces for Baby Anne Resusci Manikin.

Re-useable after disinfection.

Soft nostrils to facilitate nose pinch.

Available in light or dark skin colours.

The Baby Anne manikin was developed to provide effective infant CPR training.

The 6 pack of realistic manikin face masks for Baby Anne™ manikins are designed to teach baby resuscitation and first aid. These latex-free removable facemasks can be used by individual students of CPR or continuously with normal disinfection.  Designed for Baby Anne Manikins (Product number C/CONF-BABYANNE).  Available in light skin or dark skin.

Details for Baby Anne Manikins  (Information Only - Available Separately - C/CONF-BABYANNE)

Product benefits:

  • Educationally effective by offering all the essential features necessary for learning infant CPR
  • Realistic chest compressions and chest rise allow students to learn proper techniques
  • Logistically convenient lightweight and portable 4-pack weighs under 12.1 lb. making Baby Anne easy to transport
  • Durable construction allows unequalled long-term use.
  • Replacement consumables available

Product features:

  • Oral and nasal passages allow realistic nose pinch required for mouth-to-nose ventilation
  • Natural obstruction of the airway allows students to learn the important technique of opening the airway
  • Head tilt/chin lift and jaw thrust allow students to practice correctly all manoeuvre’s necessary when resuscitating a real patient
  • Realistic chest compliance means students can experience the proper technique required for chest compressions on infants
  • Foreign-body airway obstruction feature allows the release of a foreign-body obstruction to be practiced through back blows and chest-thrust techniques
  • Economical disposable airways for quick and easy clean up
  • Removable and reusable faces for convenient and affordable maintenance.
  • Available in light or dark skin tones

Single Pack includes:

  • 1 Baby Anne manikin
  • Soft Pack
  • 6 Baby Anne airways
  • 10 foreign body practice objects
  • Directions for Use

Quad Pack includes:

  • 4 Baby Anne manikins
  • Large soft pack
  • 24 Baby Anne airways
  • 40 foreign body practice objects
  • Directions for use.
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Case Quantity 1
Guarantee 1 Year
Brand Laerdal
Manufacturer Laerdal
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