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TerraCyclic Bio-Bin Large Base Unit (Self Assembly)

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Environmentally friendly Bio-Bin Large Base Unit. Please note that there are no cartridges included, these must be ordered separately (see related products).… Full Details

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  • The TerraCyclic Bio-Bin units are extremely user friendly which encourages safe disposal of waste, these larger units can be used for nappy disposal.
    This means that the invitation of dangerous levels of bacteria is avoided whilst preventing waste being flushed down the toilet which can lead to both embarrassment and expensive plumbing blockages.
    The lid and flap is manufactured with a non-stick plastic, preventing any adhesives adhering to the components.
    The modesty flap ensures both internal and external dressings are disposed of with minimal handling without being able to see any contents already deposited.
    The unique cone shaped lid gives users the option to dispose of dressings without touching the outer areas. Circular shape ensure no corners to harbour germs or dirt.
    Designed to reduce:
    The risk of cross infection
    Odour due to the build up of waste matter to the underside of the lid area.
    Designed to fit into the smallest cubicles.
    Minimum contact with easy flip lid
    Very low risk of cross infection or contamination due to complete cartridge change.
    The units are available in three sizes so they will fit into even the smallest of washrooms.
    * Size: Large

    Capacity: 26 Litres

    Size: 800mm x 220mm x 220mm

  • Feature Value
    Litre Capacity26 Litre
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