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e-Pharmi Controlled Drug Destruction Kit - 250ml

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e-Pharmi Controlled Drug Destruction Kit - 250ml… Full Details

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  • e-Pharmi drug denaturing kit from Direct Hygiene Supplies renders drugs harmless within 30 seconds, it is a safe and reliable solution for the destruction of controlled drugs
    e-Pharmi is a POM kit (POM prescription only medicines) that is a highly convenient and cost-effective solution for denaturing of controlled drugs, thereby rendering them harmless and without value. These kits are recommended by the PSNC (Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee) as an effective and appropriate means of destroying drugs.
    Drug Destruction kits are recognised as the safest method to denature drugs, CD Kits are quick and easy to use and are available in a choice of 6 cost effective sizes - 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 5000ml and 20,000ml
    Added safety benefit:-
    We have added a chemical addition to our e-Pharmi kits, its primary use is as a human aversive. Due to the chemical additions overwhelming bitter taste it is ideal for helping prevent accidental poisonings. It is an odorless addition; however the foulness of its taste and the fact that it is neither toxic nor carcinogenic makes it an ideal additive to prevent people from ingesting harmful drugs.
    Using our CD kit is simple:-
    1) POM (prescription only medicines) can be crushed into powder form or disposed whole with any amulets broken directly into the CD kit up to half way point.
    2) Fill the CD container with water and reseal.
    3) Shake for 30 seconds until the waste congeals and then dispose of the kit in to a pharmaceutical container or theater bin for collection.
    Pharmaceutical Containers:-
    Drug destruction kits are generally disposed into pharmaceutical containers for collection and safe disposal; see our range of containers and theatre bins from 11.5 to 60 liters with service frequencies to meet your requirement.
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