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Extra long drip tray

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Extra long drip tray… Full Details

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  • Black spill/drip tray 120cm x 55cm x 4cm, 28 litre capacity. Ideal for using on bench tops whilst striiping oily components, using as a reusable drip tray under leaky machies or for storing small liquid vessels.
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    Do you have any extra long drip trays deeper than 4cm?

    Date: 25/10/2012 | By brian terry
    Hello Brian
    Thanks for your enquiry, we have a a drip tray which is not quite as long (100cm as opposed to 120cm)
    Dimensions of this drip tray are Length, 100cm x width, 55cm x depth, 15cm, with a 40 litre capacity. (so 15 cm deep) click link
    Kind Regards
    D365 Product Team

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    Hi Guys, What material are your drip trays made from? I'm hoping it's steel...

    Date: 28/10/2012 | By Kirk Burwell
    Hello Kirk
    Thanks for your enquiry, sorry to disappoint you but the drip trays are not made from steel, the majority of the trays are made from recycled polypropylene, the spill trays including removable grids are made from polyetherlene, which are all types of tough plastic.
    Kind Regards
    D365 Product Team

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