Producing some of the best AEDs available on the market today; Defibtech are amongst the very top in quality defibrillator manufacturers. Their Lifeline range includes AED (semi-automatic) units, as well as AUTO (fully automatic) units which are ideal for those with or without CPR training as they include voice prompts to clearly guide the user in the use of the life-saving device.

The Defibtech Lifeline defibrillator range has been long tried and tested, having been first designed in 1999; Defibtech have continued to improve their rusted product over the years. All of our defibrillator units are competitively priced so you can easily find the right one to meet your budget.

Need help with finding the right unit, installation or have another question? Don't hesitate to give us a call today and our straight-talking experts will be ready to help.

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