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Framed Cover for Spill Pallet for BBC1ES

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Framed Cover Spill Pallets:


  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Thick water proof cover- keeps rain out of sump
  • Roll up door- easy access
  • High Visibilty for enhanced safety
  • Colour- Yellow
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Weight- 54kg
  • Colour- Yellow
  • Heavy Duty zipped doors- fast access; quick and secure
  • Dimensions-  2460 x 660 x 1880 mm 



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  • Uncovered Spill Pallets may fill with rainwater and in the event of a container leak, oil and chemicals could escape. These Framed Covers are ideal protection for containers from UV, heat, cold, wind and rain, they also have an angled roofs which helps shed rainwater fast.
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