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General Purpose Maintenance Socks (Box of 20)

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General use absorbent socks, 300cm x 8cm diameter. Perfect for absorbing leaks from the base of leaking machinery… Full Details

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  • Absorbent socks that are suitable for placing under machinery should it leak fluid. There are 20 socks included in each box.
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    PurposeGeneral Use
    Spills TypeSock
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    I only want the sock to absorb water. Can the sock be dried out and re-used?

    Date: 21/08/2013 | By James Twining
    Hello James
    The socks are made to absorb and RETAIN the liquid that they have soaked up. You may be able to wring it out, but we would not recommend that it be used in this way.
    Kind Regards
    D365 - Product Team

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