Glass Wash for Cold Water Supply

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Glass Wash for Cold Water Supply
Code: UGCP015
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Non electrical Glass Washer that connects directly to cold water supply… Full Details


Glass Washer that connects to Cold Water Supply.  Free standing in sink non-electrical.


1. Put glass scrubbing system into sink
2. Hook up to faucet using appropriate adapter
3. Fill washing canister with water
4. Place 1/4 glass washing tablet into the bottom of washing canister
5. Put glass open end down into washing canister
6. Move glass up and down vigorously.

Note: The middle brush and brush strip will remove all was, alcohol and residue.

7. DO NOT rotate glass.  ONLY move glass up and down
8. Place glass open end down over the rinse arm and push the glass down until the bottom hits the top of the rinse valve activating the rinse process.
9. Close tap after business hours.

Note: Only connect to a waterline that has stable water pressure.


Don't put in a commercial dishwasher except for the brushes and don't use water to wash that is warmer that 50 Celsius.

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