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Airforce Hand Dryers

Warner Howard Airforce hand dryers are known for being good quality, reliable machines and are some of the most popular on the market, offering an ideal solution for all venues.

The Airforce hand dryer is the perfect solution to customers looking for a budget hand dryer that allows them to cut running costs without compromising on style. With features that make this a great addition to almost any washroom, you won’t regret adding this equipment to your facilities.

As experts in hand dryer sales, Direct365 specially collate our hand dryer range to ensure we only offer the best quality equipment. Warner Howard Airforce hand dryers are a high watermark in quality, and are some of our bestselling hand dryers.

You may also want to take a look at our PHS Warner Howard Hand Dryers range and the Velair Hand Dryers range that sell similar styles of hand dryers.

You can view all our hand dryers we sell at Direct365 with easy online ordering, or call our customer service team on 0800 612 9288.

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Why choose an Airforce hand dryer?

There are plenty of reasons our customers might want an Airforce hand dryer. Warner Howard Airforce dryers are modern dryers that boast low energy usage, with eco-friendly options that use 80% of the energy compared to other alternatives on the market.

But there are plenty of reasons beyond energy usage that make buying a Warner Howard Airforce a great all-round option. For start, they have machines that are quieter than other units on the market. With hand dryers starting at 56db, these are suitable for venues that are looking for a less intrusive dryer, such as a small restaurant or smaller office spaces.

But one of the main reasons to buy an Airforce hand dryer is the look and feel. Robust but attractive, it treads the line between being modern enough for all washrooms and being classic. Truly a dryer for all venues.

How much do Airforce hand dryers cost?

An Airforce hand dryer cost ranges from approx. £343.99 (ex VAT) for the classic Warner Howard Airforce in white, up to £535.71 (ex VAT) for the Airforce Slim. There are other dryers in the range too, which all fall in between these two price ranges.

While these price ranges are right as of writing, we also offer discount for bulk orders. If you have a bulk order that you would like to discuss, call our friendly team on 0800 612 9288.

What are the best alternatives to Airforce hand dryers?

Like with all products we offer, there are some hand dryers that could fit your washroom that aren’t from the Airforce range. Here are a few that might work for you:

Warner Howard EL600
For a hand dryer that serves your needs but also comes in on a budget, you can’t go far wrong with the Warner Howard EL600 dryer. Low cost, low energy and comparable to the drying time of most other hand dryers.

Mitsubishi Jet Towel Wave i01
The smart, sleek Mitsubishi Jet Towel Wave i01 is a large, hands-in hand dryer that is robust in size, quiet at 56db and dries quickly at between 9-11 seconds. For a hands-in alternative to the Warner Howard Airforce, this might be up your street.

Xlerator® Excel Hand Dryer
The Xlerator® Excel Hand Dryer is a great hand dryer if you’re looking for something that can stand a bit of rough and tumble. Suitable for high traffic areas and with a 5-year warranty, the Xlerator® Excel is a quality robust alternative.

AIRDRI Quad Hand Dryer
Low noise levels at 71dbs, the AIRDRI Quad hand dryer is the perfect combination of quietness and sleek design. A slim hand dryer with a long 7-year warranty, the AIRDRI dryer is a great option for somebody looking for dryer within a budget without sacrificing on style.

Shop Airforce hand dryers from Direct365

Shopping with Direct365 for an Airforce hand dryer means you are buying from a company that regularly checks cost against the market to ensure we always offer a competative price for all of our customers. Our wide range of options across the entire category covers all bases, with the Airforce dryer being low cost and eco-friendly, while offering a quick dry comparable to other brands on the market.

Direct365 have 20 years of experience working with small businesses and understand how they work. We know that SMEs across the country want the best value for their money, where budget meets quality. Our range is hand picked by our knowledgable staff who understand the market.

When buying a Warner Howard Airforce hand dryer from Direct365, you also get free shipping. That’s because all orders over £150 come with free delivery direct to your doorstep. It pays to shop with Direct365.

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