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Dolphin Hand Dryers

Introducing Dolphin vandal-resistant hand dryers and the Dolphin Velocity Range, the perfect solution for modern, energy-efficient, and stylish washroom facilities. These hand dryers are designed to provide a fast and efficient hand-drying experience while being compact and vandal-resistant, making them ideal for high-traffic areas and small spaces alike.

Key features of Dolphin Hand Dryers include:

- Vandal-resistant design: The solid backplate and stainless steel cover ensure durability and resistance against vandalism.

- Compact size: With a depth of just 10cm, the Dolphin Velocity Mini Hand Dryer is perfect for installations in tight spaces or single cubicles.

- Adjustable settings: Customise the hand dryer's speed and heater element to reduce noise levels and energy consumption.

- Energy efficiency: The Dolphin Velocity range reduces energy use by up to 70% compared to conventional hand dryers, providing significant cost savings.

- Fast drying time: With drying times ranging from 10 to 15 seconds, Dolphin hand dryers offer a quick and efficient hand-drying experience.

- High IP rating: The IP24 rating ensures suitability for wet areas, making these hand dryers versatile and adaptable to various washroom environments.

The Dolphin Velocity range offers a variety of models to suit different washroom applications, including behind-mirror, semi-recessed, and recessed hand dryer options. With their sleek design, energy efficiency, and fast drying times, Dolphin Hand Dryers and the Dolphin Velocity Range are the perfect addition to any modern washroom facility.

You may also want to view our entire hand dryer range available from Direct365, which is in stock and available for quick dispatch. If you're still unsure what would be the best solution, you can call our support team, who will only be too happy to help.

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