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World Dryer Hand Dryers

World Dryer Corporation is a renowned manufacturer and is known for its range of SmartDri and Airforce hand dryers. Here at Direct365, we sell a range of automatic World Dryer hand dryers.

Key Benefits of World Dryer Hand Dryers

       Energy Efficiency: Designed to minimise energy consumption while delivering powerful drying performance.

       Hygiene: Touchless models prevent cross-contamination, ensuring a cleaner restroom experience.

       Sustainability: Reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices through advanced technology.

World Dryer Hand Dryers

World Dryer Hand Dryers stand out due to several key features that distinguish them from traditional methods like paper towels or older hand dryer models.

Energy Efficiency

       Low Power Consumption: World Dryer hand dryers are designed to use minimal energy while delivering powerful performance.

       Fast Drying Times: Quick drying reduces the time each user spends, leading to lower overall energy usage.

Hygiene Enhancements

       Automatic Operation: Touchless hand dryers reduce contact and potential contamination, promoting a more hygienic restroom environment.

       HEPA Filters: Many models include HEPA filters that capture airborne particles, ensuring that the air used for drying is clean.

Accessibility Features

       Disability Friendly: World Dryer offers ease of use for individuals with disabilities. These units are often wall-mounted at appropriate heights and have extended reach zones.

       User-Friendly Design: Simple, intuitive designs make these dryers accessible to all users, regardless of age or physical ability.

The Range of World Dryer Hand Dryer Models

World Dryer offers a diverse range of hand dryer models, each tailored to meet specific needs and applications.

       SMARTdri: Known for its intelligent technology, SMARTdri adjusts power consumption based on the restroom's ambient conditions. It offers three-speed settings and an optional heating element, suitable for environments requiring energy efficiency and customisable performance. For example the chrome The SMARTdri looks very smart in any setting is also available in white, and its high powered motor is great for high and medium use areas.

       Airforce Slim models: These eco-friendly models utilise multiple air jets to dry hands quickly while using minimal energy. Their robust build makes them suitable for schools, offices, and other high-use facilities. Available in white, brushed steel, polished steel and the uber-cool Airforce Slim Hand Dryer in black.

Choosing the Right World Dryer Hand Dryer for Your Restroom

Selecting the most suitable World Dryer Hand Dryer model depends on several factors specific to your restroom environment. Here are some key points to consider:

       Traffic Volume: High-traffic restrooms, such as those in airports or shopping centres, benefit from robust models like the Airforce® which offer rapid dry times and durability.

       Healthcare Facilities: Hygiene is paramount. Touchless models with HEPA filtration, such as the SMARTdri will help maintain high sanitation standards.

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Of course, it's not just World Dryer Hand Dryers we sell here at Direct365, we sell a huge range of hand dryers that are perfect for your workplace, venue or school with quick delivery and at some of the best prices you'll find online. Or call our customer support team who would only be too happy to help guide you.

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