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Disabled Toilet Hand Dryers

If you’re buying hand dryers for disabled toilets, there’s a few things you need to think about. Toilets for able-bodied users can have their dryers at any reasonable height, for example. Colour, too, isn’t a problem for regular washrooms. But a disabled toilet hand dryer must be of a certain height, and it is advised that the dryer itself shouldn’t be the same colour as the wall it is mounted on. These are just a few things that need to be taken into consideration when buying hand dryers for disabled toilets.

Direct365 are the hand dryer experts. With years of experience and market knowledge, our range is handpicked to ensure that we offer high quality hand dryers for disabled toilets.

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What are the considerations for disabled toilet hand dryers?

There are some important things to consider when choosing hand dryers for disabled toilets. Firstly, there is the colour. When choosing a dryer for a disabled washroom, it helps to first understand the colour of the walls of the washroom. It’s advised that your dryer should be a different colour to the wall, because it aids people with difficulty seeing.

Next, you should take into account the volume of the machine, as loud dryers can disturb people that have certain disabilities. Quiet hand dryers are commonplace on the market and you don’t need to compromise effectiveness for quieter noise.

The final thing to think about is the height of the machine. Some people with different abilities struggle to reach higher dryers, and require lower access in order to comfortably be able to use the facilities. There’s no legal requirement for the height of a disabled toilet hand dryer, so use your own discretion.

How high should a hand dryer be in a disabled bathroom?

As mentioned earlier, there’s no legal limit for how high or low a hand dryer needs to be in a disabled washroom. As with above, there needs to be extra consideration on the owners’ part when it comes to placing the dryer at a reasonable height. It could be worth seeking advice from disabled clientele or using a handyperson with experience of fitting out disabled washrooms.

Does a disabled toilet need a hand dryer?

Disabled toilets, like other washrooms, need a way for users to dry their hands. It is a legal requirement for all washrooms to have clean running water, soap and a way to dry hands. While regulations don’t specify that organisations need a hand dryer, hand dryers are much more cost effective than the alternative, which is paper towels, and require less replenishment too. So in a way, yes, your disabled toilet does need a hand dryer. Our range of disabled hand dryers are cost effective and economical.

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