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Budget Hand Dryers

Many businesses we work with see working within a budget as one of their top priorities. This selection of dryers is full of low-cost but high-quality machines. Spending less doesn’t mean getting less, and the dryers in this category are still highly effective and available in a range of colours and features.

Buying cheaper hand dryers doesn’t mean you have to have lower quality. If your premises isn't frequently visited, and you're looking to keep costs down, you can still purchase a great hand dryer for a reasonable price. We provide a large selection of some of the cheapest hand dryers on the market.

So called ‘budget units’, despite their costs, still have a good lifespan. If you install hand dryers at locations where each unit will experience less than 100 uses a day, they can last for many years. Often these inexpensive hand dryers pay for themselves shortly after installation, usually within a few months. Take the Warner Howard range, available in different colours they are energy efficient, cheap to run and superb value. This long-lasting machine won't break the bank but will always look great and do the job.

Explore our wide range of lower budget options suitable for smaller businesses or companies looking to save some cash.


Is it better to use paper towels or hand dryers?

Generally, it’s the choice of the buyer. Saying that, dryers are often more cost effective, because many are low energy use and are cheap to buy. Compare that with paper towels, which need to be frequently replenished and are simply thrown in the bin. Here are Direct365 we sell both hand dryers and paper towels, but it generally depends on your preference.

Is it more environmentally friendly to use a hand dryer or paper towels?

In most cases, hand dryers are more environmentally friendly than paper towels. Paper towels need regular replenishment and simply get thrown in the waste bin. Hand dryers, on the other hand, can often be very low energy and involve no waste at all.

Do hand dryers use a lot of electricity?

Hand dryers are remarkably energy efficient. Out of our range, we have plenty of low energy options. But the cost to run a hand dryer is remarkably low for most premises. Even high-footfall businesses will find that the amount of electricity used is low in comparison to the alternative options.

If you're not sure where to start, we have a huge selection of hand dryers in a range of finishes to suit any washroom style and decor. If you would still like some help, you can call our customer support team, who can guide you further.

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