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Eco Hand Dryers

Direct365’s range of eco hand dryers are perfect for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy costs. We’ve brought together a range of energy efficient hand dryers for a range of budgets and needs that can help you reduce costs and do your part for the environment. As the hand dryer experts, it pays to shop with Direct365.

Customers concerns aren’t just about what they’re buying, but where they’re spending their money. There is a lot of customer sentiment for environmentally conscious businesses, so investing in a set of eco hand dryers will enable you to continue your journey to being a more sustainable, eco-friendly business.

Direct365 cares about being sustainable, too. We consider our environmental impact of our products and services, and offering energy efficient hand dryers is just part of our increased environmentally friendly range.

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Are hand dryers energy efficient?

Different hand dryers use different amounts of energy, but the dryers in this category are amongst the most energy efficient on the market. Eco hand dryers use less energy because they use less power to give the same drying experience. As technology has improved, you can get the same speed of dry from an eco hand dryer as one of the older ones.

What makes a hand dryer more eco-friendly?

The main way eco hand dryers are more energy efficient is that they now use less power to dry your hands than before. Some eco friendly hand dryers only a fraction of the power to generate a drying experience that is either the same speed or even faster than older dryers. While there may be quicker dryers on the market, the speed will make them less eco friendly.

How much energy does an energy-efficient hand dryer typically save?

There’s no way to tell how much energy eco friendly hand dryers can save compared to their alternative, less efficient counterparts. However, you can compare the different dryers with the level of wattage used.

Here, the Warner Howard EL600 low energy dryer uses a maximum of 600w when used. Compare that to the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Wave i01 which ranges up to 1250w depending on the setting used. The Mitsubishi Jet Towel is a great dryer, but can use nearly double the energy of a low energy eco hand dryer.

What are the benefits of energy efficient hand dryers?

The main benefit of an energy efficient hand dryer is that you can reduce the energy you use, meaning it’s better for the environment, but you also save money. You’ll be using less energy and still offering a great washroom experience. It’s better to be saving that money than spending it when you don’t need to.

Low energy hand dryers are likely to be the future, too. As the world shifts to more sustainable solutions to all of life’s problems, businesses will have to adapt or die. Shifting your washroom appliances to energy efficient alternatives early will mean you’re ready for this transition, and start saving money and energy earlier than most.

Are eco hand dryers effective in drying hands?

Eco friendly hand dryers are an effective solution to hand drying in all washrooms. While drying times differ between machines, newer technology means that eco hand dryers are now as competitive against other conventional dryers.

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