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Hands In Hand Dryers

Hands in hand dryers have become more popular across the last decade, thanks to advances in technology and how affordable it now is to buy a hands in hand dryer. Direct365’s range of dryers offer a plethora of options, with our hands in category popular because of the thorough dry and robust nature of the machines.

Shopping with Direct365 is shopping with a hand dryer supplier with 20 years of industry expertise. And our hands in hand dryer supply have something to suit most washrooms. Our catalogue of hands in dryers suits multiple budgets, varying degrees of colours and still offer great drying times.

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Why choose a hands in hand dryer?

Hands in hand dryers are great for almost all washrooms because they are stylish, hygienic, and in many cases, good for the planet.

While buying a hands in hand dryer would not be suitable for your disabled washroom – it is advised hands under machines are used for accessibility reasons - there’s good reason to use one in your standard washrooms. Firstly, they are set up to capture splashback from your hands, making them cleaner and often more hygienic than standard dryers. Secondly, dry times for our range of hands in hand dryers is approx. 10 seconds, much quicker than many of our comparative hands under dryers, meaning user satisfaction and no backlog in the bathroom.

How much do hands in dryers cost?

This is the age-old question, and in reality there’s different dryers with different features that in turn cost more to the customer. The problem with naming costs, too, is that over time costs change. But here’s an approximation: as of June 2024, our lowest price hands in hand dryer was the C21 Jet Blade which costs £356.68 ex-VAT. Alternatively, we have dryers that move through to £522 (the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Wave) and then higher on the scale at £905 ex-VAT for the PHS Whisper XL. While there are other dryers, too, that come between the lowest and highest prices, this will hopefully give you a general overview of our range.

Which hands in hand dryer should I buy?

The options on offer for a hands in hand dryer are very similar to hands under dryers. It depends what you are looking for out of the purchase. If you have a strict budget, there’s only a few options there for you. However, even the lower cost hands in hand dryers are smart, clean and hygienic. You might want a quiet dryer, at which our recommendation would be the Mediclinics Duelflow Plus, which is much quieter than the average hand dryer, and part of our quiet range.

Design and colour is another important part of the process, and understanding the background colour you want on the wall behind your hand dryer. We offer a range of dryer colour options for most models. The choice of dryer really just depends on your preference for different features.

Shop hands in hand dryers from Direct365

The benefits of getting your hands in hand dryer stock from Direct365 are vast. Our 20 years of experience and vast knowledge of the industry have helped thousands of customers find the right dryer for them. But it isn’t just our experience that sets us apart, it’s our desire to treat our customers exactly how we treat our own business. Small businesses are our bread and butter, and ensuring the best prices we can give is one of our core missions. That’s why our team regularly check prices against competitors to ensure we are giving prices that keep you using Direct365.

Our UK based customer service team are always on hand to answer questions. They are regularly trained on all of our hand dryer products, and understand which models work best with which settings. If you’re unsure about whether you want a hands in hand dryer, they’re the best people to speak to.

All of our products operate under a banner of free delivery for orders over £150. This includes all of our hands in hand dryers, so buying these dryers with us will always include delivery to your door at no extra cost. Want to find out more? Call our team on 0800 612 9688.

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