InstaBund™ Portable Bunding

As low as £252.40

InstaBund™ Portable, Flexible, Lightweight Bunding

Available in 9 different sizes

InstaBund™ ground mats, interlocking grids and tough base tiles available

InstaBund™ is a lightweight, flexible and portable secondary containment system that safely contains fuel or chemical spills and leaks. The flexible side walls allow for easy vehicle and equipment access; you can stand on or drive over the walls and they will bounce up. Compliant with environmental legislation (ISO14001) and Oil Storage Regulations (OSR).

Supplied with a shoulder bag for easy portability.



- Portable bunding for tanks, drums, IBC’s, skips, plant and generators

- Containment of fuel and chemical leaks

- Wash-down containment for vehicles and equipment

- Decontamination pool for people and equipment

- Waste fluid catchment

- Agriculture infection control - drive and walk through reservoirs



- Flexible walls for easy vehicle/equipment access

- No tools required for a quick and easy on site or remote assembly

- Supplied in a bespoke protective bag

- Heavy duty construction for added durability and re-use

- Practical in different terrains & climates

- Corrosion resistant & easy to clean

- Easy to transport

- No air inflation required


Available in 9 standard sizes:

INB-22: 100cm × 100cm × 25cm, 250 litres, weighs 6.5kg

INB-24: 100cm × 200cm × 25cm, 500 litres, weighs 8kg

INB-33: 150cm × 150cm × 25cm, 562 litres, weighs 8.5kg

INB-44: 200cm × 200cm × 25cm, 1000 litres, weighs 12.5kg

INB-47: 200cm × 350cm × 25cm, 1750 litres, weighs 17kg

INB-56: 250cm × 300cm × 25cm, 1875 litres, weighs 18kg

INB-68 300cm × 400cm × 25cm, 3000 litres, weighs 24.5kg

INB-79 350cm × 450cm × 25cm, 3937 litres, weighs 28.5kg

INB-512 250cm × 600cm × 25cm, 3750 litres, weighs 30kg 


Upgrade the InstaBund™ with Ground Mats, Interlocking Grids and Tough Base Tiles each sold separately.

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