IPAD SP1 AED Fully Auto Defibrillator Bundle Easy Switch Paediatric


Easily switch to paediatric mode

Guides user with calm voice prompts

Extremely easy to use

IPAD SP1 AED Defibrillator


This package contains:

- IPAD SP1 fully automatic defibrillator.

- Two sets of Dual Adult and Child electrode pads; one pre connected into the AED, the other one is spare. These electrode pads can be used on adults and children (aged 1+)

- One disposable Lithium battery.

- Two AED rescue prep kits which include; 2 x patient wipes, 1 x nitrile gloves, 1 x prep razor, 1 x face shield and tough cut scissors.


Designed for minimally trained individuals to use in the workplace, schools, shopping centre or a hospital.

One of the unique features to the SP1 is that you can easily switch switch to paediatric mode by simply lifting a clear, safety cover on the front. The pre connected dual electrode pads can be used on both adults and children, saving valuable time and and anxiety in an emergency situation. This unit has an ambient noise detector, where in a noisy environment the voice prompts will automatically increase so the individual working the unit can hear the instructions.

The pads are stored in a clear compartment on the underside of the unit and pre-connected to the defibrillator, making the pads always ready to use and prevent any time consuming incidents that may occur. Comes with 7 year warranty, however plus an additional 3 years if the unit is registered.

More Information
Guarantee 7 Years
Brand IPAD
Defibrillator Type Semi-Automatic AED
Suitable For All Ages
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