MagiChem Accelerator Tablets (MAT's) – Urinal Treatment

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MagiChem Accelerator Tablets represents the latest technology in Urinal Treatment to work in conjunction with the Auto Sanitiser with Bio Purinel.

MagiChem Accelerator Tablets contain an ultra-high concentration of specifically selected safe bacteria with a blend of surfactants and fragrances. The tablets are a solid form of the Bio Purinel in a format which allows a very large number of the specific blend of bacteria to be rapidly placed into the pipe work of the urinals in both the stacks and laterals. This accelerates the rate at which a malodorous urinal can be tamed and the smells eliminated.

When the Auto Sanitiser is installed, the Accelerator Tablets are placed in the trough or urinal bowl. One every foot of the trough or 2 per urinal bowl. They will work in conjunction with the automatic feed of the Bio Purinel from the Auto Sanitiser.

After about 4 weeks it is usually possible to reduce the number of accelerator tablets to one every 2 feet for the trough and one per bowl. The MagiChem Accelerator Tablets are totally water soluble for fast action and will not block pipework if they get into the trap. The bacteria released will promote the degradation of the uric acid and so help to eliminate the malodours. The MagiChem Accelerator Tablets also provide a Citrus based fragrance which enhances a Citrus based air freshener (see Neutralle refills Citrus)

1.1kg kegs - approx 50 tablets.

More Information
Case Quantity 1
Brand MagiChem
Manufacturer Reference Number MAT
Manufacturer R-Tech Solutions Ltd
WC Type Tablet
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