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Maxima Toilet Tissue Dispensers in White

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Maxima Reserve toilet roll dispenser. Reduces paper consumption by up to 20% Accommodates any roll with a core diameter of 56-62mm and with an external diameter up to 260mm.… Full Details

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  • Control of consumables
    * A special shield automatically prevents access to the new roll until the original roll is finished
    * Removable braking system means minimal waste
    * Hinged cover for convenience and speed of service
    Ease of service
    * Transparent cover shows when a refill is required
    * One security key for the whole Kennedy range
    * Angled top of dispenser to prevent cigarette burn damage
    End user Satisfaction
    * Hygienic full cover offering tissue protection
    * Serrated paper tear-off from either side of the unit
  • Feature Value
    Manufacturer Reference NumberTSDMAXUNP
    ManufacturerKennedy Hygiene
    Tissue SizeSystem
    Dimensions (L) x (W) x (H)420 x 295 x 130 mm
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