BioZone® Mini PowerZone® - Commercial Air Purifier

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Neutralise even the foulest of odours.  Simply plug it in, wait 30 minutes and the odour is gone.  Highly beneficial to hotels, vehicle dealerships and businesses in the public sector.


The Product:

The Mini PowerZone is a leading commercial odour removal solution for areas which are exposed to strong odours such as tobacco smoke, urine, food, pets, mould and sewage. The product offers the ability to remove odours of all severities without the use of chemicals. The product is considered a valuable tool for use in hotel rooms, vehicles and other areas which are exposed to strong odours, making it ideal for:

  Animal odour removal
  Food odour removal
  Hotel rooms
  Mould control
  Cigarette smoke odours
  Vehicle restoration

Unlike most aerosols and air-fresheners, the Mini PowerZone doesn't cover up odours, it removes them completely. This product will save you time and money in the long-term by eliminating odours at the source.

Odours are often caused by bacteria polluting the air, which, as it grows, strengths the odour allowing it to return quicker. The Mini PowerZone is an air purifier that utilises UV light in order to capture the 'bad air', neutralise the odour and return the air fresh. This will undoubtedly increase customer satisfaction by providing friendlier smelling washroom facilities. The Mini PowerZone will remove even the foulest of odours, quickly, to reduce turnover time in spaces such as hotel rooms, company vehicles and public spaces.

The Advantages:

  Eliminates odours such as smoke and chemicals
  Easy to transport and store
  Reduces bacteria, mould and other micro-contaminants
  Industrial strength odour removal
  Built-in programmable timer
  Audible status alarm
  Fully automated and chemical-free
  Low maintenance (simple annual UV lamp replacement)
  UV lamp life meter
  Handy Carry strap
  Comes with wall mount kit
  Designed to last for 9,000 hours of use
○  Minimal running costs - less than 10p per use

How to Use:

1.  Clear the room/space requiring treatment of people and animals
2.  Plug the unit in as close to the contaminated area as possible avoiding metal surfaces
3.  Set the build-in timer to 30 minutes, press start and leave the room/space
4.  Return to the room/space 20 minutes after the treatment has ended (50 minutes later)

More Information
Brand BioZone®
Lock to Prevent Tampering No
Dimensions (L) x (W) x (H) 52.5 x 13 x 10 cm
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