Odour Eliminator

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Reduces bacteria, viruses and total VOC load

Easy and low maintenance

Unique 2 bulb and 2 setting system

The Odour Eliminator uses plasma technology to get rid of unpleasant odours and kill bacteria. The four-in-one unit generates Photoplasma, PCO, Negative ions & Ozone to banish odours. 

Please Note:  Bulbs are not included with this product.  The required bulb for the Odour Eliminator varies dependant on room size and needs to be purchased seperately.

Technology Benefits: Ozone, Ultraviolet, Ionization, Photocatalytic Oxidation, and Hydroxyl Radicals.
Hygiene Benefits: Reduces Bacteria, Viruses and Total VOC Load

The upgraded Odour Eliminator has a unique 2 bulb and 2 setting system:

1) Washroom Setting - Ozone on plus all of No 2.

2) Office/Hotel Setting - Ozone off, but Ultra Violet PCO Hydroxyl radicals & Ionization.

An Important Innovation: A 2 hour boost button allows Ozone to be switched on under Office/Hotel setting. 2-hour boost Ozone to assist in killing smells (smoke, urine, petrol and bacteria etc).

- Ozone is effective far more quickly and is the general setting to leave the unit on in all unoccupied rooms.

- Quick and easy to change lamps.

- Eradicates odours.

- Unique ‘BOOST’ option.

- Low maintenance (annual).

- Suitable for all indoor locations.

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Brand Stream Hygiene
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