Physio Control LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator/Monitor High Spec Unit

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Physio Control LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator/Monitor High Specification Unit

The Lifepak 15 defibrillation unit is the perfect investment for establishments with a high public footfall, for example, air ports and train stations.  The unit could also lend peace of mind to residents and workers in places with limited access to medical attention, such as people living for a sustained period on an oil rig.  Unrivalled in durability, performance and the level of field service available, the Lifepak 15 is the intelligent asset for use in emergency situations by experienced first responders.

Brought to the market by the pioneer of portable defibrillator technology, the Physio Control Lifepak 15 defibrillator offers new standards of innovation in the provision of emergency care.  The Lifepak 15 sports significantly more monitoring capabilities than any other unit and offers continuous EtCO2 waveform capture, Masimo® Rainbow® technology to help detect unusual conditions, temperature monitoring and non-invasive carbon monoxide, Sp02 and methemoglobin monitoring for improved patient experience.  As with other data forms, you can transmit all of the readings to other review systems via Bluetooth® or you can use the Code-Stat™ software to display the data and analyse trends.  By sending code data directly to Code-Stat Data Review software, emergency medical services personnel can review CPR statistics and offer training and advice where it would be most effective, increasing the level of patient care both in and outside hospital.

The Lifepak 15 unit continuously monitors all 12 leads and alerts the user to any changes using the ST-Segment monitoring feature.  S.T.J. values are also included on the 12 lead print out to help identify any changes in the patient’s condition.  This unit also operates seamlessly with the Lifenet System 5.0, enabling you to automatically share critical patient data with multiple care teams, saving time and increasing efficiency.

For users looking to treat patients with existing or recurring heart conditions, the Lifepak 15 employs 360J biphasic technology, meaning the user has control over the voltage and duration of the shock.

A regular rhythm is essential when performing chest compressions and/or ventilations on a patient; the Lifepak 15 features a CPR metronome to help you keep steady without distracting from your vocal technique, in line with the 2010 AHA Guidelines.

During the design stage of the 15, Physio Control stayed mindful of feedback from the field and included numerable features to optimise ease of use, durability and support:

  • IP447 rating for continued use in wind, rain and other harsh environments
  • Survives 30” drop tests (equivalent to dropping the unit from cot height)
  • Shock absorbing handle
  • Double layer screen
  • Redesigned cable connections for added strength
  • Self-checking feature alerts Physio Control if attention is needed, so on-site maintenance or repair, access to parts and highly trained service representatives are available 24/7

The 15 platform is designed with specific flexibility to allow upgrades and evolution to meet new guidelines and changing protocols.  This can help avoid costly upgrades and premature replacements, without losing speed or power.

  • Large full colour screen (8.4 inches diagonally)
  • Dual-mode LCD screen with SunVue™ display, which the user can switch from full colour to high-contrast SunVue mode with a single switch 
  • Both AC and DC power options available, as well as the choice to use the latest lithium-ion battery technology, chargeable within the device itself, for up to 6 hours of power.
  • The unit’s two battery system requires no conditioning or maintenance and in addition, you can monitor the status and service life of your batteries using Lifenet® Asset (part of the Lifenet System data network), which can alert you to any potential issues
  • Redi Charge includes: AC power cord, Redi Charge adaptor tray and Redi Charge battery charger
  • AC power pack includes: AC power cord and AC adaptor
More Information
Brand Physio Control
Defibrillator Range Lifepak
Defibrillator Model LIFEPAK 15
Suitable For All Ages
Manufacturer Physio Control
Manufacturer Reference Number 99577-000656
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