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Quadrasan Purge Sachets (Packed x 24 sachets) NEW & IMPROVED

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Quadrasan Purge Sachets. The most effective solution to unblock urinals instantly!… Full Details

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  • What is Quadrasan Purge? When outlet pipes in urinals and shower cubicles block with organic debris it causes the waste to drain away very slowly, which provides the perfect environment for bacteria to breed and cause persistent bad smells. Cleaning these drains can be a difficult, expensive and time consuming activity. Quadrasan Purges powerful formulation breaks down the surface of organic waste before releasing enzymes which eat through the waste, therefore reopening the pipe.


    Using Quadrasan Purge is simple - place the sachet into the effected urinal bowl or shower drain, pour on 500ml of water to dissolve the sachet and leave for 15 minutes.


    Rinse away after treatment, you will see immediate improvements. (Even better improvements can be seen if the sachet is left for between 1-2 hours).


    What improvements have been made? The new sachets now contain even more bacterial strains which helps to break down uric scale even faster than before.


    Studies in our laboratory have shown that 1 x 50g sachet of the new Quadrasan Purge formulation will dissolve up to 100g of uric/lime scale in urinal traps and pipes!


    The sachets also release a fresh peppermint fragrance when dissolved.


    Quadrasan Biosolve Purge offers many benefits including:
    Easy to use, safe to handle
    Cost effective in use
    Fully Biodegradable
    Highly effective deep clean treatment
    Quadrasan is a registered trademark
    Pack of 24 x sachets

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    Manufacturer Reference NumberQUA-QPU
    WC TypeSachet
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