Rectangular Water Cooler Mat

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Protect your flooring against damage

Create a safer and more hygienic environment in your workplace

Available in two sizes

The floor surrounding water coolers are prime areas where spills occur and, therefore, create a health and safety risk whilst also damaging flooring.

These Water Cooler Mats protect floors from costly damage and ensure a safer and more hygienic environment in the workplace.

The Water Cooler textile mats are tufted from a high twist and heat set bi-colour nylon yarn and are specifically designed to pick up dirt and moisture in heavy traffic areas and buildings where a high level of cleanliness is critical.

The high twist, ultra-fine nylon fibres make these mats extra absorbant in comparison to standard nylon mats, therefore also making them suitable for use in the washroom underneath hand dryers, which are typical areas for collecting water and creating a health and safety risk.

Available in two sizes:

Rectangle mat dimensions: 120cm x 85cm

Semi-circle mat dimensions: 42 x 85cm

Coffee Vend Mats also available, see related products.

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Brand PHS
Size 120cm x 85cm (Rectangle)
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