Replacement Bulbs and Glueboard for the Flymatic Fly Killers


Replacement Bulbs and Glueboard for Flymatic Flying Insect Killers

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Replacement Bulbs and Glueboard for the Flymatic Range of Fly Killers

We recommend that UV lamps are changed every 12 months to ensure maximum efficiency. Whilst the tube will continue to glow blue indefinitely, after approximately 8,000 hours the amount of useful UV (which humans cannot see) drops to a level where it is no longer attractive to flying insects.

Quantity: 1 x tube

Each Flymatic unit has 2 x tubes

Flymatic 16W Commercial Fly Killers: Replacement 8W Bulb for the Flymatic 16W (product code: IK-8W-Tube)

Flymatic 20W Commercial Fly Killers: Replacement 10W Bulb for the Flymatic 20W (product code: IK-10W-Tube)

Flymatic 30W Commercial Fly Killers: Replacement 15W Bulb for the Flymatic 30W (product code: IK-15W-Tube)

Flymatic 40W Commercial Fly Killers: Replacement 20W Bulb for the Flymatic 40W (product code: IK-20W-Tube)

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Case Quantity 1
Brand Fly Trap
Manufacturer Vectair
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